Monday, March 14, 2011

New Madrid USA Earthquake Prediction

This YouTuber PatrioticSpace has compiled a vast amount of evidence pointing towards HAARP being used to create a massive earthquake along America's New Madrid fault line in the coming months. Linking together the mysterious deaths of fish and birds, the BP oil spill, millions of FEMA coffins awaiting use, a FEMA National Flood Insurance Program being instituted, DHS buying 140 million pre-packaged meals and disaster relief blankets, NLE earthquake relief training exercises in the area and much more, PatrioticSpace makes a very plausible prediction worth considering. His YouTube channel has been repeatedly hacked and censored as well which adds to my suspicions of his accuracy. Have a look at these videos and comment what you all think.


Suz said...

The more evidence that is uncovered about these FEMA camps, the more frightened the reality becomes. I hope that these predictions are false, enough innocent people have died at the hands of these tyrants.

Anonymous said...

Ushering in the One World Currency, the New World Order.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your Post--This is going to definitely make the decline of the U.S. dollar go almost unnoticeably.

Keep up the Great Work!
You have true Compassion

The magnitude of your influence is proportional to the naysayers. The Heat Is On!

Anonymous said...

They say WWIII will be a Nuclear War...well, if a nuclear power plant (or a SERIES of nuclear power plants) were made to look as if they had a meltdown due to some "natural" (e.g., HAARP riding out on the sun's solar flares, etc. etc. etc.), it would be a STEALTH WAR.

Everyone will be too busy scrambling to think about HAARP, much less how any "being" can be so evil to purposely cause such mass death by radiation.

Anonymous said...

Everyone affected will be thinking of survival.

To be REALLY evil, tptb can take down the economy, just about when nuclear meltdowns are happening.

People without their economy (jobs, money), without their primary necessities due to disaster (shelter, food) will then TURN TO A LEADER that will save them from "death" and "destruction".

Gee, can a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT save humanity???

WHAT IF, these disasters were made by a controlling elite?

Anonymous said...

In the event of such disaster, SHELTER and food would be provided (large fenced off enclosed areas).

Oh wait, there already has been scores of Football stadiums built around the country (but no Football scheduled for the year?)

TRAINS to take disaster victims to these "camps"

Transition Times said...

When you look at all the facts and what has just happened to happen in Japan on March 11, 11 right beside nuclear plants that are currently in a melt down, it is hard to believe this entire scenario is not "elite" made and coincidentally happening while the Earth is going through major changes? Certainly they were aware of these cyclical events well in advance of the galactic alignment 12/21/2012. Read that we will be experiencing these events and will end 12/21/2012? Another coincidence? If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck ... Hope Benjamin Fulford's white hats and ninja's are working on this. If not perhaps by spreading the word they will have to stop this insanity? Looks like we are in for quite the roller coaster ride. Have faith in humanity though ... that is why they fear us so much.

muzuzuzus said...

Hey Think Art, wow--it is only just readin your post it dawned on me that the Japan Tsuanami happened on the 11th? Is that true? When even I am seeing that number post nine 11 it makes me freekin sit up, because i did some research into the numerology and they seem to like that number

All I know is this--I am a real sceptic on this. I dont know. BUT IF they can drop nuclear bombs on a cities full of life--which they did YEARS ago in Japan (etc) they are capable of ANYthing!

Transition Times said...

Was skeptic also. But the more and more we look at the puzzle the more it comes together with all these weird dates and what has happened in the past. History repeats itself.

Perhaps the bible is their playbook?

It looks like they use specific earth grids and astrology (time) to try and manipulate our consciousness. Smoke and mirrors ... once you know the magicians tricks their magic is useless.

I am sure they know that this is the time of awakening (REVELATIONS = awakening = TRUTHS ARE BEING REVEALED quicker then I would have ever imagined ... check out Mayan Calendar and the time lines all adds up ... coincidence?)

With all the people marching on the streets all over the world against this system I think this is the fight (end game) .

And I agree. They are capable of doing anything to keep their control. They have always lied and deceived and that includes technology (the hidden hand).

So it is not far fetched to think that they did not orchestrate all these current events in order to pretend that they come as our saviors.

(0RDER OUT OF CHAOS) is their end game.

We're not falling for it but lots of people that have been socially engineered to believe in the bible, santa clause, and CNN are.

We all need to hang together or we will hang separte.

The internet is our connection. We need to use this double edged sword.

Keep on posting and investigating.

Knowledge is power. And the truth will eventually set us all free.

Anonymous said...

i predict they have something big planned for the date 12-21-2012... add all the numbers in this date, you'll be surprised..

Unknown said...

Now that you have mentioned the New Madrid Faultine - the date of the Japanese 9.0 mag EQ 03/11/ exactly 7 years since the Madrid train bombings in Madrid, Spain in 2004.

Also, in Madrid, a few years ago - the Windsor Tower was caught on fire...and it burnt for hours...providing the subliminal of the MADRID FIRE - or the great shake up of the Madrid Faultline...March 11 is the date of these two subliminally related events.

Jeanine said...

I think California will have a quake and then the New Madrid will go.

The week of the Japanese quake was highly telling.

First, just hours before the Japan quake on the night of the 10th I watched some History Channel thing on waves and Tsunamis and they focused on the pacific. I sat there and KNEW there would be a huge pacific quake and tsunami soon. Wasn't surprised that a few hours later it happened.

Also, both "The Event" and "V", 2 bad TV shows about ALIEN INVASION, had plots within a week of the Japan meltdown entailing nuclear meltdown scenarios.

All these "coincidences" lead me to believe these HAARP quakes will continue at regular intervals and now they will use the nuclear fear to enhance it.

PLUS, I think the orchestrated Alien invastion will happen BECAUSE of the nuclear problem and the "ETs" will offer tech solutions as saviors. The contacts I have warned me that 3/11 would be a "tipping point". The two shows involving alien invasions just happening to have meltdown plots tells me they are setting the stage for their fake invasion to begin this year. People who are hungry and devastated will acept the fake utopia more easily. I do not think this will be an overnight kind of event but will culminate around 2012 after more "events".

Humans are already deeply in "victim consciousness" and this will seal them in (victims always want rescue without responsibility and humanity is psychologically primed for ET rescue).

Vinyl Lady said...

Can anyone advise me where to go to engage in an intelligent discussion of chemtrails, mass animal death and HAARP? I began researching a few years back and believe I have a good idea of what is going on. The question now is, how to survive it. I am in contact with Michael Murphy who produced the video "What in the World are They Spraying". You can watch it via the internet. Thanks to the person at this site for his hard work. His videos are well documented. Can anyone provide a link to that letter to Friedman explaining the effects and possible "non-lethal" uses of HAARP? Vinyl Lady

Anonymous said...

Or, the Bible has been revised by the dark forces within the church leaders.

Anonymous said...

If the San Andres goes, not only will the New Madrid start shaking, but the Yellowstone Caldera will also build up pressure. Then - it is the end of the USA. Remember 2012 - the character Charlie?

As he yelled in glee as a lava bomb is aimed right at him: "YOU HEARD IT FIRST FROM CHARLIE!!!!!!"

Reboot said...

MAYDAY will have a new meaning!

Anonymous said...

I think this is all part of a larger plot to create panic around the world so that "they" can come in and "solve" the problem. It is the Hegelian dialectic: Create the problem, offer a solution, take over.

Anonymous said...


Remember the James Bond movie, "A View to A Kill"
with his nemesis, May Day-played by Grace Jones.
The plot is to destroy San Jose-the whole Silicon Valley by SINKING it into the ground by filling underground tunnels with water.

A user has reported manmade seismic activity along the West Coast of the U.S.

rk1280 says:
March 29, 2011 at 6:35 pm
U.S. is under seismic attack!
Seismic terrorists of CFR are targeting American volcano after they trigger the quakes in Eastern Japan. They seem failed to trigger Tokyo Quake as well as Mt. Fuji eruption, but, now they are using nuclear bombs to trigger eruption at Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Baker, Mt. Rainier. (From Washington to California)
You should check the current quake data that would tell you the quake are repeated at the same latitude/longtitude at very shallow depth. Eastern Japan has been damaged by the same type of artificial quakes.
This is not an natural disaster. This is a mass-destruction by David Rcokerfeller of CFR. Stop that eveil.
Mount St. Helens:46.1912, -122.1944 Epicenter : 46.197°N, 122.191°W  Depth2.5 km (1.6 miles) set by location program
Mount Baker: 48.777343, -121.813201 Epicenter:  48.543°N, 121.285°W  Depth 0 km (~0 mile) set by location program
Mount Rainier:46.853285, -121.759861 Epicenter: 46.850°N, 121.752°W  Depth3.2 km (2.0 miles) set by location program
Mount Lassen: 40.487659, -121.504981 Epicenter: 40.426°N, 121.537°W  Depth 6.2 km (3.9 miles)
Richard Koshimizu from Tokyo

Anonymous said...

Words I feel moved to share...If you truly trust in Him, you would not be worried or concerned about such things. His will be done. EVERY single prediction and "prophecy" that is wrong should be held accountable, and the person who writes it or spreads it should be considered a FALSE PROPHET and never followed again - God does not lie and the bible is not a 3 ring binder waiting for new books/chapters and prophesies to be added. If God doesn't tell you, then it isn't from God. It's from someone using the internet for attention, to spread fear and confusion, or for personal gain. Use what God gave you - your brain, your heart, your spirit and LISTEN. Disasters will happen - they have throughout all of history and will continue to do so. Please receive this with love and God bless!

Anonymous said...

I would like to know of there is any new info on these anticipated events at this time. Anyone have any info?

Daniel said...

Man, just looking at how governments are rushing for a New World Order, it sure makes Bible prophecy come alive.

I recently designed a website on The New Madrid Fault with a different point of view from conspiracies though. You might find it fascinating, maybe not.

muzuzuzus said...

...which makes you then look at the very possible idea that the Bible is the work of the very same mindset pushing this new world order!!

Eric Dubay said...

Nice website Daniel, good job with that. The Pastor's dream is very interesting. I have had many dreams that have come true exactly as I saw, so I know for a fact that dreams can show us the future... what I have seen/experienced in my life is beyond all possible coincidence. The difficult part of course is separating the truth from the fiction, the regular dreams from the prophecies. Anyway, keep up the good work, and thanks for the comments everyone.

muzuzuzus said...

One of THE most important things for us to understand is that all over their bloody history is their fingerprints---their occultist signature. To ignore this like so many people do, even people at psychedelic forums who should know better, unless they are givernment plants, is the most bling ignore-ance. Talk about clapping the naked emperor for his new clothes!

BEN VIDGEN said...



Anonymous said...

i don't beleive in superstitions but that does sound true