Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lost Civilizations - Stuff They Don't Want You to Know

Thanks to Matt for recommending this succinct informative mini-documentary about Atlantis, "Stuff They Don't Want You to Know - Lost Civilizations." It is definitely a great introduction to the subject and it even ends with a cliff-hanger referencing me and The Atlantean Conspiracy.  I've never actually suggested (as the video claims) that "the Illuminati originated in Atlantis," but rather that the existence of an advanced worldwide civilization existed in "Atlantean times" ten millennia ago.  The most ancient books on the planet, the Vedas confirm this, the etymology of world languages supports this, not to mention the ancient Pyramids and megaliths found world-wide from India, to China, to Egypt, to South America prove that we have been lied to about Earth's ancient history.


Kevin said...

I often struggle with doubt when it comes to conspiracies. For example, "the things they don't want you to know" yet the information is there available for me, the average joe who has access to this type information so easily, one click away. You would think that all these horrible secrets and consiracies wouldn't see the light of you know what I mean? I don't know what to believe, but I guess that's the point..confusion is key...maybe it's purposly like this. Some conspiracies are true, others are exagerated and that's the just don't know what to believe. Maybe it's all true...and that's how they deal with it. It's there, in your face, and it's so deep and horrible that it's overwhelming and keeps people in check. Like bam, what are you gonna do about it, type stuff. Fear manipulation...I'm at a point in my life where I'm questioning all these conspiracies..are they true? Or is it just a fear tool to keep me at a low vibration with all these lies that only arise emotions of fear, sadness and that give me no hope for the world. Maybe I'm just not informed enough.. Ayways, I apologize for being all over the place in this comment, just sharing my thoughts at the moment..

Eric Dubay said...

As researchers we all have to give due diligence in discerning facts from theories, evidence from propaganda. There are certainly conspiracies that the test of time have proven true such as the intentional sinking of the Lusitania to enter WWI, the allowance of the Pearl Harbor bombing to enter WWII, the Gulf of Tonkin non-incident to begin the Vietnam War, Operation Northwoods, and a host of other conspiracies have proven true thanks to declassified documents, FOIA acquired tape recordings, witness testimonies etc. As for secret societies like the Masons, the Bilderbergs, the CFR, the Bohemian Club etc. these all most definitely exist as well. The only question is the extent of the power of these organizations. Your comment sounds like you've under-estimated the power of the corporate media and government schools to misinform on a mass scale. To answer your question, yes, if the conspirators were omnipotent their horrible secrets would never see the light of day. Luckily that's not the case, and with the advent of the internet, the ability of the mainstream media and public schools to indoctrinate populations is lessening.

Anonymous said...

I recommend looking at this video Eric. It was a very influential video to me, and hope that it will teach you more as well. The series is quite nice, and wasn't boring, so it's perfect for people who want to learn more, but are too lazy to watch old guys explain something about an old rock, in a monotone voice for example haha.


Email me at :p I love your blog!

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Maverick, thanks for the encouragement and recommendation. I've seen that Spirit Science compilation before, lots of good material there, lots of unprovable assertions too, but still a good series. Peace

Unknown said...

You may have covered this elsewhere (i'm a newbie :)) but just to add to the mystery I thought I’d chip in with a discovery documented in Rand Flem-Ath’s largely ignored book, The Atlantis Blueprint.

The book’s core theory asserted that by shifting the prime meridian from its current position at Greenwich and repositioning it at Giza, it is surprising how many sites of religious importance lie at ten degree intervals from the Pyramids.

Easter Island lies 140 degrees west; the pyramids at Teotihuacan and Tula (sacred city of the Toltecs) in Mexico are positioned at 130 degrees west; the pyramids at Copan and Quirigua (also in Mexico) can be found 120 degrees west; Quito, the northern capital of the Inca Empire, is 110 degrees west; and the Gateway to the Sun at Tiahuanaco lies 100 degrees west of the Great Pyramid. To the East, the great Ziggurat at Ur lies exactly 15 degrees east; and Lhasa, the capital of ancient Tibet, lies 60 degrees east of the Great Pyramid. This is not an exhaustive list and many more sites are identified in the book.

If true and these sites were mapped thousands of years before modern archaeology deems man capable of such a feat, I feel it might be time to revisit some of the more long standing theories pertaining to early civilisation. I guess this is where we circle back to why this type of evidence is being ignored and/or covered up...

Great blog by the way. M

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the comment and info Mark! There's certainly too much evidence to ignore showing that our ancient ancestors were advanced and evolved in a way mainstream history refuses to acknowledge. Peace

Unknown said...

No probs Eric,
I'm an ancient history and archaeology grad so it's a bit of a pet subject of mine. I've actually taken it a bit further and written a fictional adventure book with these theories at its core (Great fun to write).

If you accept such things i'd happily write a more detailed guest blog for you to approve. It's certainly an interesting topic and the evidence points to advanced society existing as long as eighty thousand years ago!

Kind regards, Mark