Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Above Above Top Secret .Com

Above Top, the biggest conspiracy forum on the internet, is an information gathering/disinformation spreading tool controlled by Masons.

While this statement may seem laughable at first, let's delve into the reasons why I would say so. You would think a "conspiracy theory" website like ( would welcome information such as that presented in my free books, The Atlantean Conspiracy and Famous Freemasons Exposed. You would think that a site dedicated to providing a forum for fellow conspiracy researchers to network, would love to have me as a contributing member, would you not?

So why, just hours after posting my best thread ever, did "Springer" one of the site owners, ban me and my IP from ever posting on ATS again? The reason is my information is far too powerful and influential to allow the masses to get ahold of. Here is the thread I posted that got me banned - "The Will I Am Legend" a post exposing Freemasonry in Hollywood. I was "Freight Tomsen" the OP.

You'll notice that they deleted my two opening posts and many subsequent posts claiming "Meta-tag spamming" or "Off-topic" which is completely false/unfounded. Springer gave me 5 unwarranted "warnings" regarding some random month-old posts, removed my avatar, moved my thread to "Skunk Works" then banned me from ever posting again without giving so much as an explanation.

Next I made a new Screen Name from a different IP to post my new FREE book, "Famous Freemasons Exposed." My thread was deleted and my new Screen Name was banned within 5 minutes! Why do you suppose Springer and "the Three Amigos" (the site owners' Masonic name for themselves) don't want me on ATS? If they created ATS as a place for conspiracy theorists/researchers like myself to network with others, then why I am repeatedly banned for posting excellent material?

If you have spent any time on ATS ( especially in their "Secret Societies" forum, you will notice that there is a troop of Masons (much like's Bury Brigade) who are online ALL day EVERY day. Many of them openly admit to being Masons. Even many of the Site Moderators like Mirthful Me, Skyfloating, and other popular ATS names admit to being Masons! Not only this but they are perpetually online 1) providing a "benevolent"/open face for their secret society, and 2) constantly defending government/establishment positions and their "Brotherhood." I can tell you if I owned ATS, I would not have a troop of admitted Mason Moderators running things - any conspiracy researcher will tell you that Freemasonry is one of the biggest vehicles in implementing the New World Order conspiracy!

If you don't believe me about ATS being Mason-run, try this experiment: Take 10-20 photos of celebrities/politicians making the Masonic "M" hand sign from my "Famous Freemasons Exposed" book. Post a thread on ATS with these and watch what happens! You will either be instantly censored, or the Masonic hounds will immediately descend upon you and detract, denounce, and disrespect you in every possible way. Is this how my research should be received by a "conspiracy theory" forum?

Still not convinced? Check out these other relevant links and the 100+ comments below:

Freemasonry Controls ATS

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Masonic Goat Riders

Above Top is Owned and Operated by Masons

Exposing the Secret Society Network on ATS

Oh, and you wanna know the new quickest and easiest way to get banned from ATS? Start a thread there with this article.


Anonymous said...

hey dude i TOTALLY agree with your post,

and nice blog you have set up

i went and checkd your post in the ATS forum, but they erased your posts claiming it violated some rules, and they accuse your of "meta-tag" spamming, whatever the fuck that is!! fuck those FRAUDS!

i was hoping to read your info, i really wish if you could post the same info at teh davidicke forum, and/or the mtsar forum

thanks and peace out

Anonymous said...

Don't let anybody, stop you from exposing the truth.

Humanity need, Conspiracy Theorists, to fight the Globalisation process, who is in reality, the New World Order, the process to creat a..

'' One World Empire..! ''

Thumbs-up body..!

Anonymous said...

Hey Freight train, I liked reading your posts on "SOHAI". That's what we call that site on AmKon.

A lot of us banned members have turned up here. I'm sure you'll find a lot of people you recognize.

Anonymous said...

I always thought there was something "fishy" bout ATS. You might be right.
I think Springer deleted my thread on declaring war on the reptilians. If you don't believe in reps, so the thread could be moved to some hoax forum, but they deleted it completely. I had nothing in my profil that that thread ever existed!

Anonymous said...

Just posted the pics on ATS. See what the heck gonna happen!!

Anonymous said...

Now that is the result!!!!!!

Eric Dubay said...

Notice how almost every respondant admits to being a Mason. If they're so "tired of these hand sign threads" as they write, then why are they online all day every day responding to them, assuring everyone that the sign is meaningless and we're crazy for talking about them.

The obvious reason is that they are low-level Masons being paid to protect their organization and disseminate propaganda.


Eric Dubay said...

I tried the "Reply Anonymously" option to your thread and my post was instantly deleted as usual.


Anonymous said...

I just found your site by doing a google search for abovetop being a propoganda site run by see eye aye.

And I think your spot on.

While relatively new to the alternative views, I know propoganda bullsh*t when I see it and there's no question that site stinks to high heaven.

There was a thread about how all the people that voted for the bailout were j00ish and almost immediately there were plenty of j00s pointing out how misguided the original poster was. And it happened so quickly and by so many different members ... it was odd. I've been on other forums where things like this were mentioned and nobody got all bent out of shape so quickly. It's seems like there's a bunch of people just waiting by their computers to debunk the debunkers ... but on a conspiracy site? What a joke. It's o.k. to talk about radical islam, radical chritianity but radical zionism is out? Lol.

It seems like they also let, or actually post, the most obvious forgeries and fakes so as to lead the casual observer who just comes across the site to think that anyone who believes 'this stuff' is nuts. There's also no intellectual debate or intellectual back and forth, it's just a bunch of one liners.

Obvious media manipulation going on there.

Anonymous said...

something about that site always bugged me maybe thats what it is . I twas nothing i could see but the site just didnt seem right. NICE WORK

Anonymous said...

This is my reaction to ats warning and post banning me:

P.S. Thanks for leaving a comment Eric.


Anonymous said...


I've been BANNED from ATS by
Corrupted Disinformant agents
to protect Freemasonry secrets
from being exposed.....

*** Achilles 13 ***

The best way to fight corruption is to expose it...!

In the Above top secret thread....

What are the masonic secrets?

as i've been saying many times..,
the '' CULT '' of freemasonry is
brainwashing, their followers...
and they are using them, to infiltrat and Corrupt
organisations, to manipulate
organisations for freemasonry's privileges
and secret Goals, in political,
social, economical, govermental organisation and powerful buseness
and so all around the world....!

The coverup on pages 30 to 33, of the tread....

'' What are the masonic secrets? ''

is a perfect exemple of Corrupted
brainwashed freemasons, who became MODs to be used to manipulated the
ATS Conspiracy theorists Community...
by manipulating the system to their own advantages.
and derailing threads, that are investigating Freemasonry and the NWO

THIS is All the Truth exposed.....!
after the first deleted post,
i saved all my posts for security
and i saved a screen capture jpg
of all the U2U i received and's one


12-11-2008 @ 04:52 PM
Achilles post explaning to lowlevelmason
the matrix of freemasonry, and said
'' escuse me kid but '' and......
'' trust me kid all i want is to help you ''
using the word '' KID '' ,was the explanation
by skyfloating for erasing my first post....
( see, my explaination in my last post erased...
on 13-11-2008 @ 11:33 AM )..
see the Links here...

( Abuse of power by a Corrupted Mod )

12-11-2008 @ 04:53 PM ( only seconds, after posting....)
U2U in, from Skyfloating, that said
he erased the post ( but he was NOT autorised to do so
he is not a even a listed MOD in this Forum, )

( Abuse of power by a Corrupted Mod )

12-11-2008 @ 05:09 PM
*** LINKS ***copy of the post
( )

achilles post asking for explanations. After
only seconds, it was erased tag ''Extrem TC Violation''
cost me 1500 point and banned me from posting.....

( Cover up, by Corrupted MOD ) and ( Abuse of power )

12-11-2008 @ 05:11 PM
U2U in, from skyfloating, saying he Banned Achilles 13 from
posting cause is last post, asking for explanations.......

( Abuse of power by a Corrupted Mod )

12-11-2008 @ 06:54 PM
U2U out, to Runspider to show him the post that was
tag '' Extrem TC Violation '' to let him juged, if it was justified....or not...

12-11-2008 @ 07:26 PM
cbass post exposing, unjustified, erased posts.....
his post been erased and taged , ''Off Topic'' and he was
Banned permenantly from ATS.......

( Cover up, by Corrupted MOD ) and ( Abuse of power )

12-11-2008 @ 08:51 PM
Runespider post, quoting the U2U Achilles 13 send him with
a copy of the post erase and tag '' Extrem TC Violation ''
he also said that Achilles 13 ,demande was legetimate
to ask who erase his post...and why...his post as been
erase and taged, ''Etreme TC Violation''

This Runespider's post has been erase to hide the truth.....

( Cover up, by Corrupted MOD ) and ( Abuse of power )

12-11-2008 @ 10:21 PM
*** LINKS ***copy of the posts

U2U out, to Runspider to tell him that, the first
U2U sent to him was the truth and nothing but the truth...

13-11-2008 @ 12:27 AM
12.21.12 concerned about all those
post erased asked for
his post was erase to...and tag,
'' Off topic ''

( Cover up, by Corrupted MOD )

13-11-2008 @ 11:33 AM
*** LINKS ***copy of the posts

my last post trying to explain the situation...,
after only seconds, it was erased
and tag '' Off Topic ''

( Cover up, by Corrupted MOD ) and ( Abuse of power )

13-11-2008 @ 11:40 AM
U2U in, from 12m8keall2c saying he erased the post
and tag it '' Off topic.....''

( Cover up, by Corrupted MOD ) and ( Abuse of power )

13-11-2008 @ 06:13 PM
U2U out to 12m8keall2c asking him explanations
for Achilles 13 post at 11:33 PM been removed
but.....he never anwsered............


ATS is Corrupted with Brainwashed
Freemasonry's Disinformant agents,

if we don't do something it
will be impossible to Deny
Ignorance as all information will be filtered before being finaly
posted, that is against all
Freedom of speech rights...!

Freedom of Speech is under attack my friends
pass on this U2U to ALL OUR FRIENDS to make
sure that The Truth will be
exposed and to help
the Community to democraticly cleanout, all.. the Corruption, out of ATS.

'' ALL for ONE and ONE for ALL ''
The Revolution is NOW, Fight the NWO..

- Achilles 13 -

Anonymous said...

I don't have a Blogger ID, but my e-mail address is

Would I be able make a post on ATS with your blog referenced in it, covering this entire topic, afterwards waiting for the results?

Anonymous said...

EXTREMELY interesting. Great book links.
thought you were missing one photo of someone doing the signs, this guy should be at the top of your list.

i watch the video and he has the hand sign about fifty times..
Alex Jones is a joke... check ou the link...

Anonymous said...

Does are not devil signs, it's
regular gesture shoot by a camera and stop to make people beleive
their are seing something else
then what it is...

Please we have to stay realistic
Alex Jones is one of the Leader of
the revolution against the nwo.

your are drifting out...

Anonymous said...

hey, all you have
to do, is to register to ATS,
and create a thread about this
conspiracy about ATS, reveiled in
this page.

Anonymous said...

'' I want to be a Mason, What do I do''

was the name of a thread in ATS, started by a freemason to be uses as a recruiting and prostilizing strategy, to influence readers.

it turn up to be, more negative because conspiracies were reveiled, to explaine the real face of freemasonry to readers.

Freemason MODs without warning removed it to ''HIDE'' the thread in a belowtopsecret section.

normally if a thread is close, the mod says why in a post an simply close it, but the thread is still there.

this is a real proof, that ATS is corrupted with freemason who are disinformant agents to control information, derail and hide threads that reveil the dark side of masonry.

Deny Ignorance in ATS, is now IMPOSSIBLE

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog. ATS is definitely not about the exposure of the truth and that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hehehe. You guys crack me up. And the best of it all: You believe you're right.

Anonymous said...

I agree with SirX

"SirX said...
Excellent blog. ATS is definitely not about the exposure of the truth and that's for sure."

Now how the hell is ATS going to be about exposure of the truth?

Think for a moment...Who is ATS being funded by? And would the powers that be just let ATS exposure the truth.

The point im trying to make is that, you got people working for the new world order inside the REAL TURTH EXPOSURER.

And yes they do that. How many groups have the goverment/nwo got into and took over? This is not new, ATS is one of they. Keep your eyes out for fakes and cons.

I got a feeling alex jones works for the NWO. But i can't prove it.
Oh why is alex jones still alive? They killed kenndy right infornt and william coopper but alex is still kicking? Yeah. You tell me he just a lucky fuckin guy the nwo won't mess with. HE IS PART OF THE NWO, I can't prove yet. BUt i know he is.

Anonymous said...

Watch his video at and see what im talking about. Alex jones acts so damn stupid at times, Oh yeah one last tip. Follow the money. Who is funding Alex Jones? and ATS?

Billy Bob said...

Hey, this is RuneSpider.

My post was removed 'cause it was off topic of the thread, it was instead moved to the ATS Board topics forum where it was addressed.
Achilles had violated the T&C's of the site several times. He re-registered several times. He was post banned pending examination, and was banned due to spamming members through the U2U channel.

Posting links to other forums, websites, or books in a attempt at advertisement is against the T&C as listed on the site, and gets you banned. Doesn't matter the content of the matter.

Do as you will, I don't care. There a number of Masons and Anti-Masons on ATS who manage to attack each other often without violating the T&C and getting banned.

Anonymous said...

RuneSider, another machiavalian freemason
''who lies about his afiliation to mislead and influence non-mason''
would do everthing to protect and defend freemasonry.

Runespider is manipuling the ats
comunity. This freemason is using
propaganda, lies and dishonest

He is registered at ATS under
at less 3 screen name....

Runespider, AugustusMasonicus and
under the screename MasonicLight.

Manipulation strategies use by DISINFORMANT AGENT freemasons at ATS, to defend their
Cult, is knowned for years but
they are so many freemasons that
infiltrated ATS and even also
became moderators to gain more
control, that Denying Ignorance as
became impossible at ATS.....

the mason RuneSpider, by posting
here to manipulate the truth is
another good exemple that freemasons
will do everything to hide the truth...

Billy Bob said...

'm not a Freemason.
I do not want to be a Freemason. Over all it's a remarkably wasteful idea best left for the twilight years of your life, in order to still feel useful.

Karate is my calling.

At least I finally have been givient he rank of Disinfo agent, even though I had to leave ATS to attain it, and the fellow has me confused with people much older than myself.
Nice knowing you folks. Hope someday you can come back and stick to the T&C and we have have a open debate.

Anonymous said...

The Freemason Runespider, is sing
one of many of the manipulation
techniques use by Freemasons.

This one, use by the freemason
Runespider is a classic, use
a lot during crisis by government'
intelligent agency for mass
programming of the population.

this strategy... ''population Impressionist''
is use to first make population
fell secure and to put one's trust
in the propaganda goal, used to
manipulate people's behaviors or
way of thinking.

The freemason Runespider is using
it to make non-mason more
responsive to his propaganda to
defend freemasonry.

in reality what he is saying to
influence non-mason is.....
'' i am like you, and i think freemasonry is ok, so think like me, it's ok......''

Perfect example of psychological programming to manipulate sheeples
who would be to vulnerable to
understand the Machiavalian strategy.

Runespider gain in ATS, by
conspiracy theorists, because he
his a stealth Freemason, the
nickname of... ‘’ Mr. False Flag ‘’

Brainwashed Freemasons became professionals to brainwashed
others like they have been
brainwashed and so to avoid
The Truth about freemason to be reveal and to recruit new sheeples
to become followers for the Cult
of freemasonry.

Freemasonry’s wolfs, are in ATS,
mind controlling and brainwashing
24h/24h and 360day/year and they
will do
promote and defend freemasonry...

Unless one day, ATS would be clean
out from freemasonry's corruption
since ATS is totally corrupted by freemason disinformant agents... ,
Denying Ignorance in ATS is impossible...

Let’s all do something to expose
the truth and clean out conspiracy sites...

Anonymous said...

RuneSider, you just proved you're lieing and are here only to hide the truth..!

when you said:
'' my post was removed 'cause it was off topic of the thread, it was instead moved to the ATS Board topics forum where it was addressed. ''

that is a prove without any doubts that you're lieing. i was around that day and i saw that post which you quote achilles's u2u about his post being erased which he send you a copy in that u2u.

that post wasn't transfer anywhere it was erased, all trace delete from ats, to hide it so we would not see the truth and you know it...

you came here only to manipulate us...

Thats anought..., everyone who is a member to ats should give the link of this page and the other 2 pages on this site about ATS being corupted by freemasons to everybody
in ats who wants to expose masonic conspiracies.

Billy Bob said...

You're welcome to check the thread here:

Like I said, it's in the ATS issues thread. I was sent a U2U at the time about it.

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks...

You just proved, you are only here to manipulate information to hide the truth.

That is not '' THE '' post, posted by you on 12-11-2008 @ 08:51 PM that was erased and as you said(lied) was moved to the ATS Board topics forum where it was addressed
like you let it be understood...

The post that was erased was post by you on page 31 ( reply posted on 12-11-2008 @ 08:51 PM by RuneSpider )

The post you just give the link we can see that it's a different one ( reply posted on 19-11-2008 @ 06:10 PM by RuneSpider ) 1 week after your original post was erased, because mod erased it the same day i remember seen it and a couple of hours later it was gone( or should i say hided... )

this is '' another '' post that you send to cry, to moderators that proofs and informations about ATS' dishonest practice to help and hide freemasons secret conspiracies, were being exposed by achilles by u2u. and you gave the distress signal, to suggested hypocritly that a permenant banned should be apply to avoid more conspiracies to be exposed and reveiled by Achilles and to avoid others to do the same...

but thanks for the link, ( without you no one would had find this link, LOL...) we now know that achilles was telling the truth.

his post was coverup...taging it extrem t&c violaton was unjustified and 100% a coverup. it's certainly the same for all other posts erased int this thread and probably the same for hundreds of posts in ATS from EX-masons and those who really knows the truth about freemasonry...

That is freemason's ats moderators dishonest practice to defend and protect freemasonry from everyone who expose that freemasonry is a Cult and is involed in conspiracies and secret Agenda.

Now i am 100% convince, that ATS is totally corrupted by freemasons

AugutusMasonicus said...

Awww....Eric, I am so flattered that you remember me. Tell your buddies stompk and newworldover that I said hi. I miss them.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the Bird Flu or the Swine Flu...

The real Pandemic threat is '' The Masonicus Flu '', it's spreading and contaminating everything in the internet.

Take The ''Common sense vaccine'' and you will be immunised...LOL

Anonymous said...

hi, i am a member at the ATS conspiracy site, a link brought me here, in a thread in the abovetopsecret site, which was debating about freemasons who wants to control information and are using dishonest strategies ( like the last Appak's thread, hoax ) and multiple accounts to help them succeed it.

iywmo, same freemasons with multiple accounts at ATS are...

( Rockpuck - network dude )

( AugustusMasonicus - Appak -Skyfloating )

( Masonic Light - Runespider )

btw, this site, have alot of good informations about the hidden face of freemasonry...tks

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm also from the abovetopsecret forum and i have to admit, some things really look fishy about masons.

They seems to spin and control the secret society forum.


Anonymous said...

I too have been banned from ATS for pissing off a mason. ATS is full of masons! In fact, it's a propaganda site to encourage others to join the masons. What they do is kid you into an argument with someone claiming not to have connections with this cult and then they send in a mason to get you banned.
As far as I'm concerned ATS has lost any respect I had for it and I'm glad I'm free of this masonic site.

Anonymous said...

Freemasons banned another great conspiracy theorist ( kingswillquiver ) in ATS because he was exposing the freemasonry's rituals '' Drinking blood out of a Humain Skull '' and the homosexual ritual of '' Riding a Goat '', this last thread was very popular, and was respecting all t&c and without warnings this thread just disappeared...a Freemason corrupted Moderator ( Mithful Me ), deleted the thread and banned kingswillquiver...

This is Another proof that freemasonry is controlling ATS site.

AugustusMasonicus said...

One thing about ATS I really find amusing is a poster named Achilles who keeps getting banned and comes back with the same moronic stuff every time. If he had a half a brain cell he might be able to control himself but, then again, half a brain cell is quite a bit to some people.

Anonymous said...

I am stompk, doctordoom, manasseh, kingswillquiver, antiopression.

I wrote "Are the Masons Evil", "What are the Masonic Secrets?", "What does drinking out of a skull signify", "Have you heard about the Masonic Goat Riders", and others. I have been banned by Mirthful Me (Mason), Intrepid (Masonic Jailer), Masqua.

ATS is 100% corrupt. They hide the freemasons, chemtrails, and today, I was banned for posting "People get paid for posting??" by Skeptic Overlord. They ban me, and I sign up under a different name. They are Masonic Morons. Oz and Essan and Chadwickus are the chemtrail psyops. ATS is the biggest conspiracy of them all.


Anonymous said...

I've also posted on ATS under the name udontknowme.

Ha Ha.


Anonymous said...

by the way, I post the "Masonic Goat Riders" on David Ickes forum.

I think ya'll will like that one.


PS. To AugustusMasonicus and Runespider. BITE ME ..!..

AugustusMasonicus said...

Hey Steve 'Stompk' Svensson aka The Parakletos! I honestly like when you post on ATS, it's almost like an interesting challange to figure out your new screen names.

Well, execpt for the challenge part, 'cause you post the same rehashed crap time after time.

Oh, how's Bill?

Anonymous said...

Bill's fine. How's Satan?

Anonymous said...

..and oh yeah, what did you ever know about honesty?

AugustusMasonicus said...

Hey Steve,

For a made up guy Satan is pretty good at the moment, he's chillin with the Queen. He does however recommend that you use more battery acid.

As for honesty, I honestly think you're a socipathic sort of way.

Anonymous said...

looks like ATS's corrupted Masonic MODs, sent their most brainwashed masonic puppet...LOL

I AGREE 100%, ATS is totally corrupted by freemasonry.

the secret society's thread...

HOAX( A Mason about to expose ALL the secrets )HOAX...

...really prove how deep corruption, is controlling ATS...and using it, to manipulate the population.

AugustusMasonicus said...

Hey Achilles/Road Warrior/Shadow!

If I really had control of ATS I would have had you learn some semblance of proficency in composing a coherent response before allowing you to post. It is obvious that I don't however, so we are chronically subjected to functionally illiterate replies like the one you just left.

Keep up the good work, you are the greatest Gentleman Conspiracy Theoriste ever.

Anonymous said...

Freemason Puppets, don't have control...they will do all they can, to what, they have been programmed to, over and over...!.

''Protect and Promote their Cult''

Their intellectual abilities, are limited... like sheeples, Cows and Ants...

They need Professional help...

AugustusMasonicus said...

But not as limited as yours Achilles, since you are the one who is not smart enough to keep from getting banned again, and again, and again, and again.....

Oh well, maybe some of those Disney pictures you liked to post may help you in the reading/writing comprehension area. Best of luck to you.

P.S. When are you coming back to get ATS to get banned again? We miss you.....

Anonymous said...

ATS is to conspiracy sites, what FOX is to Broadcast News Channels. Propaganda manipulation tools that we should all, banned from our lives...and we should tell everyone about it...

Anonymous said...

Corruption control ATS... Information is controlled and filtered..ATS must be clean out, of brainwashed masonic corrupted disinformant agents or it should be close...

Anonymous said...

I agree with the mason, you need to learn how to spell. You write like a retarded 1st grader and your posts make zero sense.

Anonymous said...

hmmm another dishonest frustrated mason...trying to control and manipulate informations exposing freemasonry...

In ATS, freemasons derail posts and freemason moderators, banned those who expose the cult of freemasonry, well... you can try to derail and manipulate the thread, but here, those who dare to reveiled masonic conspiracies are supported, encouraged and respected...

Anonymous said...

I'm not a mason you moron, I come here to read Eric's blog and get great info. I don't go to ATS because its lame so get your facts straight stupid. No wonder why they don't want you there.

Anonymous said...

LOL.....Masons are incredible...

Did you really thought your Immature behavior... lying, Spine Strategy, could manipulate us.

If you want to lie and manipulate to hide the truth about the cult of freemasonry, Go back to your corrupted, Above Top Secret Site because here, Eric Dubay will never let his site to become a freemasonry controlled, Propaganda Site like ATS...

Like it or not, here it's really a conspiracy site and it's not corrupted by Freemasonry and it will never be...

One more thing ( AugustusMasonicus, Runespider, Appak )

Get Help...LOL

Anonymous said...

I hope freemasons, those ''expert manipulators'', will be expelled from all corrupted conspiracy sites.

The truth behind freemasonry, must be reveiled and exposed..!

Anonymous said...

This is a great thread Eric. Thumbs up Buddy !

- Robert

Anonymous said...

i agree. masonic corruption, stops here.

Anonymous said...

freemasons' behaviour here, really proved , what many was suspected, for a long time at ats.

freedom at ats is a illusion, freemasons control ats, to spread a false image of freemasonry.

this site is the red pill...
ats is the blue pill...

very good blog Eric, i hope this conspiracy site, will stay clean, to let the light of truth shine brightly!

Anonymous said...

The most abvious exemple of masonic corruption at ATS and freemasons' desire to manipulate public opinion to protect and hide masonic conspiracies is.....


A Mason about to expose ALL the secrets


This is a thread started by a freemason at ATS, named Appak, he is still (alive...)and active at ATS, but under different screenames.

The biggest HOAX of ATS and it's protected by ATS corrupted freemason moderators like... Mirthful Me

i saw people near me, dying of cancer and believe me the last 2 month of their life they were very weak and their emotional state were about living those last moments with their wife and children only......and nothing else mattered.

BUT Appak said on his last post on 2-5-2009, he had only 1 month to live but he was healthy enough to write on his computer and instead of living those last moment with his family only, he felt he was in a mood to write in a conspiracy forum. Simply illogical...

and Appak (Patricia ) wrote on 5-5-2009 , that at 11hpm, the day before, he past away. so that mean, Appak wrote his last supposed post 48 hours before dying, ( Ops Appak was to exited about his HOAX, so he couldn't wait a month... : ) 48h that's even more, toooooootally illogical.

even more imposible, Appak supposedly ask her daughter before dying, '' could you please write a post on a conspiracy site call abovetopsecret for me....and confirm to everyone my dead '' heeeeeello hollywood...! that's totally illogical and simply impossible

AND by pure coincidence, on his unfamous last post, he wrote that there is no secret in freemasonry and freemasonry are no part of any conspiracies.. helllloooooo is the word propaganda, ringiiiing a bell...!

All freemasons got in the story to push it and help it become more and more like a blockbuster movie...!

freemason moderators removed all the posts which were questioning Appak' story Credibility or were expressing the possibility that it was a setup....

Freemason moderators finally lock to thread to avoid more negative posts to keep it as clean as possible.

AND this thread has nothing to do into the secret society forum because it defend and promote freemasonry and nothing else and over that, freemason moderators, lock the thread at the top of the secret society forum to everyone to see, as their best weapon to brainwash members that there is no reason to seek and debate about freemasonry conspiracies

Appak' thread is 100% the biggest ATS' HOAX of all time, without a doubt and many ATS members knows about it.

When it's about freemasonry, Abovetopsecret his NOT a conspiracy site anymore,
it as sadly became a matrix of freemasonry disinformant agents , a powerful Masonic Propaganda Temple.

Appak his still alive, still wearing his hat and feeling strong, healthy and as proud as a ATS Masonic Emperor...

there is many exemples of masonic corruption at ATS but unlike here where corruption and conspiracies are ATS every masonic conspiracies are spin and hidden by masonic brainwashed puppets to protect freemasonry...

Anonymous said...

freemasons are a bunch of crooks and liars


Eric Dubay said...

Wow, thanks for all the great comments guys, keep them coming. I'm glad to see so many other people seeing through ATS as the masonic mis/disinformation site it is. I'm even glad to see AugustusMasonicus in here. How's that cointel paycheck? I know ATS has been traced back to Langley, Virginia (CIA headquarters). So Masonicus, are you still online all day every day (for years now) trying to convince curious conspiracy theorists that you are an unpaid, altruistic mason, online all the time just for fun? I'm sure that's spiritually rewarding for you... spending countless hours of your life living a lie. I jest, but to be honest, I do feel bad that you have to do that. I'd much rather live in a world of openness and abundance for all where you and I could both have wealth and happiness without one of us having to uphold secrets, blood oaths, etc. Well, anyway, hat's off to your spiritual diligence to the dark side (and BTW make no mistake that you in your secret society with blood oaths and sadistic rituals ARE indeed on the dark side). May the battle of light and dark continue. I'm having great fun playing my part, how's the dark side treating you?

Anonymous said...

The ats moderator, Mirthful Me, is indeed a Freemason, take a look this...

'' reply posted on 14-8-2008 @ 01:49PM by Mirthful Me

The following is my opinion as a member participating in this discussion.

I am indeed a Freemason, and a member of various Appendant Bodies associated with Freemasonry.

I'm not sure what to say beyond that, other than Michael Richards is indeed a Freemason...''

Tao said...

I'll find a bit of free time and set you up a forum Eric :)

Should be fun to have a forum where you know for sure that the only person with the power to delete and edit posts - wont.

AugustusMasonicus said...

Eric, the paycheck is great. All the guys at The Company said to say 'Hi'.

Now excuse me, I have to re-task a satellite and direct it towards Thailand.

Eric Dubay said...

You guyyysssss ;-)

Anonymous said...

Intellectually-dishonest debate tactics are typically employed by dishonest politicians, lawyers of guilty parties and especially Cults followers....
Like Freemason disinformation agents.

( Intellectually-dishonest tactic )

This is wordless but it says what you just said is so ridiculously wrong that we must laugh at it. Hillary tried this without much success. It is intellectually dishonest and devoid of any intelligence, facts, or logic. The whole Democrat party laughed at Sarah Palin. They were successful with this tactic in spite of the fact that conspicuous by its absence in that “explanation” of how she was such a joke was any evidence or logic to show how a guy who was never mayor or governor or head of anything else was better qualified for the top executive job in the world than a person who was a mayor and a governor. Al Gore made the sigh debate tactic famous in the 2000 presidential debats and the ensuing Saturday Night Live parodies of it. On 6/2/09, Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams celebrated this tactic in a comic strip that had Dilbert saying to the pointy-haried boss, “I like what you’ve done with your dismissive scoffing sound.”

Anonymous said...

Here is a list of the intellectually-dishonest debate tactics use by Freemasons in conspiracy sites like ATS...

1.Name calling:

debater tries to diminish the argument of his opponent by calling the opponent a name that is subjective and unattractive; for example, cult members and bad real estate gurus typically warn the targets of their frauds that “dream stealers” will try to tell them the cult or guru is giving them bad advice; name calling is only intellectually dishonest when the name in question is ill defined or is so subjective that it tells the listener more about the speaker than the person being spoken about; there is nothing wrong with using a name that is relevant and objectively defined; the most common example of name calling against me is “negative;” in coaching, the critics of coaches are often college professors and the word “professor” is used as a name-calling tactic by the coaches who are the targets of the criticism in question; as a coach, I have been criticized as being “too intense,” a common put-down of successful youth and high school coaches. People who criticize their former employer are dishonestly dismissed as “disgruntled” or “bitter.” These are all efforts to distract the audience by changing the subject because the speaker cannot refute the facts or logic of the opponent.

2.Changing the subject:

debater is losing so he tries to redirect the attention of the audience to another subject area where he thinks he can look better relative to the person he is debating

3.Questioning the motives of the opponent:

this is a form of tactic number 2 changing the subject; as stated above, it is prohibited by Robert’s Rule of Order 43; a typical tactic used against critics is to say, “They’re just trying to sell newspapers” or in my case, books—questioning motives is not always wrong; only when it is used to prove the opponent’s facts or logic wrong is it invalid

4.Citing irrelevant facts or logic:

this is another form of tactic Number 2 changing the subject

5.False premise:

debater makes a statement that assumes some other fact has already been proven when it has not; in court, such a statement will be objected to by opposing counsel on the grounds that it “assumes facts not in evidence”


debater cites something he heard but has not confirmed through his own personal observation or research from reliable sources

7.Unqualified expert opinion:

debater gives or cites an apparently expert opinion which is not from a qualified expert; in court, an expert must prove his qualifications before he can give an opinion


Debater uses a slogan rather than using facts or logic. Slogans are vague sentences or phrases that derive their power from rhetorical devices like alliteration, repetition, cadence, or rhyming; Rich Dad Poor Dad’s “Don’t work for money, make money work for you” is a classic example. In sports, coaches frequently rely on cliches, a less rhetorical form of slogan, to deflect criticism.

9.Motivation end justifies dishonest means:

debater admits he is lying or using fallacious logic but excuses this on the grounds that he is motivating the audience to accomplish a good thing and that end justifies the intellectually-dishonest means

10.Cult of personality:

debater attempts to make the likability of each debate opponent the focus of the debate on the grounds that he believes he is more likable than the opponent


debater seems to cite facts or logic, but his terms are so vague that no facts or logic are present

12.Playing on widely held fantasies:

debater offers facts or logic that support the fantasies of the audience thereby triggering powerful desires to believe that override normal desire for truth or logic

13.Claiming privacy with regard to claims about self:

debater makes favorable claims about himself, but when asked for details or proof of the claims, refuses to provide any claiming privacy

Anonymous said...


debater “proves” his point about a particular person by citing a stereotype that supposedly applies to the group that opponent is a member of; dismissing criticism by academic researchers by citing Ivory Tower stereotypes is an example of this debate tactic


debater blames problems on persons other than the audience; this is a negative version of playing on widely-held fantasies; it plays on widely-held animosities or dislikes

16.Arousing envy:

debater attempts to get the audience to dislike his opponent because the audience is envious of something that can be attributed to the opponent

17.Redefining words:

debater uses a word that helps him, but that does not apply, by redefining it to suit his purposes

18.Citing over-valued credentials:

debater accurately claims something about himself or something he wants to prove, but the claim made is one that attempts to get the audience to overrely on a credential that is or may be over-valued by the audience; for example, some con men point to registration of a trademark or corporation as evidence of approval by the government of the con man’s goods or services

19.Claiming membership in a group affiliated with audience members:

debater claims to be a member of a group that members of the audience are also members of like a religion, ethnic group, veterans group, and so forth; the debater’s hope is that the audience members will let their guard down with regard to facts and logic as a result and that they will give their alleged fellow group member the benefit of any doubt or even my-group-can-do-no-wrong immunity

20.Accusation of taking a quote out of context:

debater accuses opponent of taking a quote that makes the debater look bad out of context. All quotes are taken out of context—for two reasons: quoting the entire context would take too long and federal copyright law allows quotes but not reproduction of the entire text. Taking a quote out of context is only wrong when the lack of the context misrepresents the author’s position. The classic example would be the movie review that says, “This movie is the best best example of a waste of film I have ever seen,” then gets quoted as “This movie is the best...I’ve ever seen.” Any debater who claims a quote misrepresents the author’s position must cite the one or more additional quotes from the same work that supply the missing context and thereby reveal the true meaning of the author, a meaning which is very different from the meaning conveyed by the original quote that they complained about. Furthermore, other unrelated quotes that just prove the speaker is a nice guy, like in the Reverned Jeremiah Wright-Barack Obama controversy, are irrelevant. The discussion is about the offending quotes, not whether the speaker is a good guy. The missing context must relate to, and change the meaning of, the statements objected to, not just serve as character witness material about the speaker or writer. Merely pointing out that the quote is not the entire text proves nothing. Indeed, if a search of the rest of the work reveals no additional quotes that show the original quote was misleading, the accusation itself is dishonest.

Anonymous said...

21.Straw man:

debater attacks an argument that is easy to refute but which is also an argument that no one has made in the debate.

22.Rejecting facts or logic as opinion:

It is true that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But everyone is not entitled to their own facts or logic. Facts are facts. 2 +2 = 4 is not my opinion. It is a fact. Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki says incorporating enables you to deduct a vacation to Hawaii as a board meeting on your federal income taxes. He’s wrong. It’s not my opinion. It’s the Internal Revenue Code Section 162(a) which you can read for yourself at Whether you can deduct a trip to Hawaii has nothing to do with whether you are incoprorated. And you cannot deduct a vacation. It has to be an “ordinary and necessary business” expense. Travel expenses which are “lavish or extravagant” are explicitly not deductible according to IRC §162(a)(2). The fact that Kiyosaki and his CPA co-author differ from my statements on that subject are not matters of opinion. They are either lying or incompetent. I am accurately describing the law.

23.Argument from intimidation:

[from a reader] The essential characteristic of the Argument from Intimidation is its appeal to moral self-doubt and its reliance on the fear, guilt or ignorance of the victim. It is used in the form of an ultimatum demanding that the victim renounce a given idea without discussion, under threat of being considered morally unworthy. The pattern is always: "Only those who are evil (dishonest, heartless, insensitive, ignorant, etc.) can hold such an idea." This is reminiscent of the McCarthy era loyalty oaths or groups that demand that candidates take a yes or no position on complex issues.


an indirect remark, gesture, or reference, usually implying something derogatory.

25.My resume’s bigger than yours:

All the more reason why you ought to be able to cite specific errors or omissions in my facts or logic, yet still you cannot.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks Anonymous. You're right-on with that analysis of misinformationist debate tactics. It's all quite annoying to regular, normal, free individuals... but to blood-oath bound, lying, secret society initiates like AugustusMasonicus and crew... they love it. Can't get enough of it. I know this for a fact because I've watched them spend all day everyday for years on one message board (ATS) doing all those things. I really do feel bad for them... what an utterly unfulfilling job. They have all the other "perks" of the brotherhood to keep them convinced they are fulfilled, but their fluorescent Masonic lights inside their windowless temples will never compare to the true light.

Anonymous said...

what is even more revolting then realizing that a conspiracy site as big as ATS is totally corrupted by freemasonry, it is that ATS' site owners(Springer,SkepticOverlord,Simon Gray) are well awared of it and they let freemason disinformant agents,control, hide and spin informations on their site.

Are the 3 Amigos masonic followers, protecting brothers freemason and the cult of freemasonry...

Anonymous said...

Above Top Secret site owners, are all Freemasons using their conspiracy site, as a propaganda platform to manipulate conspiracy theorists, keeping them entertained and away from de truth.

Anonymous said...

All Cults, have disinformat agents to spread propaganda and to manipulate followers and Profanes...

But Freemasonry is the most Machiavalian Cult, because Freemasons will do what ever it takes no matter how evil it could be, to defend their Cult...

Anonymous said...

This forum really shows the true face of

i will post links to this forum, on all conspiracy sites i know, to let all see, the crooks and liars behind the biggest corrupted conspiracy site. goal, is to mislead and make us all, look away from the truth about the matrix of the World's power elite.

Anonymous said...

freemasons are using conspiracy sites to control,manipulate and derail investigations against their cult and their role on the new world order.

Anonymous said...

blueshadow747. I am new here and think your site is great I have had serious problems with ats and realized they are lying , evil, and the site is ran by masons; I was on the site new had several posts and this mod byrdman decides to ban my posts and now i get page error 404 what the hell is that? now that i am aware of what they are about how do i contact them and get some stuff in the open?

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Blueshadow747, now that you've been banned you join the ranks of the disenfranchised post-ATS anti-masons. :) Now that you are aware what they are about, it is unlikely you'll be able to contact them and get stuff out in the open as you mentioned. Instead you'll probably have to start posting your information in other places. Spread the word on other message boards about ATS being mason-run. Their credibility has taken some death blows in the last couple years... keep it going. Peace

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the reply i am getting this page error 404 all the time but it pissed me off because i was really hitting some nerves i guess with seeing through the bullshit on there i am reall new to what is happening and i got involved in the ukraine virus thread and some nut job named ecoparity tried everything possible to discredit insult and i finally got sick of his shit and started proving my points then this mod byrdman started banning my posts and now i want to know the level of bullshit i am dealing with here by the way i really like this site can you give me some more input, thanks

Anonymous said...

I am very interested in what everyone has to say about these sick fucks I had a feeling all along things was not right on that site

Anonymous said...

blueshadow747/ I would like more info re; their agenda on ats especially these so-called moderators; I even called the so called 800 number they never called back. my concern is what are we ssettting ourselves up for when we participate with freemasons and cia and the nutjobs with the nwo agenda on ats?

Anonymous said...

hello, i am blueshadow and i am trying to get some answers here i just entered this site and would like to know if i am on the right blog or page re; ats and other topics?

Eric Dubay said...

Post away blueshadow. What's new with Above Top

Anonymous said...

hey thks Eric as i said i am new with a lot of this my question is they sent me error page 404 all the time cannot even get on the sites and i have realized along the way stuff was not right can you help me with what t f? is wrong with these people andhow are they able to keep people in the dark as such? also i am really interested in any new events eric going on presently surrounding dec and this nwo and freemason agenda i have been reading alot of topics on here and there is so much but, there is so much i still need to know

Anonymous said...

blueshadow747, let me try to explain it to you.

Elites in power wants to control rebel behaviors, but now you can not jail or execute every smart mind who understood the system of power over populations.

so, the best way to at least control them, to avoid massive awakening and rebellions from the mass, is to regroup them in one place by attracting with all the best toys and entertainments ( like ATS ) to then use this site to derail investigation motivations by brainwashing, conspiracy theorists with many well planned strategies and dishonest practices.

Wolfs often succeed and Many ends giving up investigating, to find the truth or expose it and some even get so brainswashed they become followers (sheeps) of the cult of freemasonry.

BUT...only the strongest and smartest will be smart enought to see it and continue the revolution to fight and expose the elites' MATRIX over our World...

Eric Dubay said...

Very well put. ATS is like Glenn Beck or Michael Moore: they feed you with the trappings of truth and then misdirect you somewhere off into fantasy-land. Mis-inform and dis-empower. Controlled opposition. Gate-keepers.

Anonymous said...

hey thanks again folks I knew stuff was up with that site things were a lot of bullshit, and it stunk especially when you confronted them with it which is what i did and got no responses and was told the info was passed to the three amigos, i said who is the three amigos? anyways, you guys know what happened with me as a result. I am really seeking interest and want to spread all the info I can on these bastards. Also I want to tell you about a really eerie letter I received and what it said a real invitation into this society I believe I never returned a response to them but I would really like to communicate with you guys a little more here as things are moving along /blueshadow

Anonymous said...

Freemasonry is first and foremost a Sect, a Cult using all kind of dishonest and hypocritical recruit strategies.

Freemasons wants to hide it... so be careful.

Anonymous said...

blueshadow/ hey guys, thanks for the responses, I am very much aware of the sinister traits and nwo agenda, however I also realize I am just beginning this journey of reality, I do not know what sites to trust or investigate for answers as well as there is just way too much info to dissect out there. I am wanting to know how some of you are dealing with all this as well as I want to know for a 1year planning stage what would one want to consider? I am realizing that aprox. 2 years are in the works with these dam bastards and their agendas , I haven,t even been able to decide on a church or that route as well but, all things points to this coming 2012 bullshit , can you guys give me some feedback thanks!

Anonymous said...

blueshadow again/ Eric thanks for the responses and to anonymous also; can someone tell me what happened to getting up in the morning going to work having great weekends, chasing women, playing music and having a dam good time of it outside of bills and debts?

Anonymous said...

ATS is control by freemasonry but almost all conspiracy sites are infiltrated and many corrupted by freemasonry and Elites disinformant agents.

You have to learn to use your critical sense to be able to recognize elites' propaganda from hidden truth...

2012 will be a major stage, use for its psychological impact, in the new world order process. Since their slogan is '' Order into chaos'', we should expect many MAN-MADE suprises(disasters and hard times)

Your answers will maybe not be all here but many are and at least this site is not corrupted by elites or freemasonry...

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Blueshadow, keep on getting up in the morning, going to work, having great weekends, chasing women, playing music and having a dam good time of it... and during your free time, research and inform others of the NWO. :) As for who to trust and what info to believe... trust only yourself, your intuition, use your own third-eye as you research all the available information. Peace

Anonymous said...

blueshadow/ thanks again i do like this site and i am trying to go through all the info on it there is alot i am doing all i can i am an entertainer and musician and i will be reaching many people i am just surprised and shocked at how numb people are and the shape this world is in this happened very quickly it seems , i am setting up a full year of serious planning

Anonymous said...

blueshadow/ hey I have checked back here a few times not many responses is there a forum here or areas that a lot more posters are involved in on here Eri? I am seeing a lot of stuff happening where I live and it is not good I am expecting some real issues coming here in DEC. also what is up with this climategate and where is everything at presently

Anonymous said...

blueshadow/ hey I have checked back here a few times not many responses is there a forum here or areas that a lot more posters are involved in on here Eri? I am seeing a lot of stuff happening where I live and it is not good I am expecting some real issues coming here in DEC. also what is up with this climategate and where is everything at presently

Eric Dubay said...

There's almost 300 posts on now, so click around. This is not a forum however, it's just a blog. If you're interested in Climate-Gate I've got 4 entries relating to it on the main page right now. Just go to:


Anonymous said...

When are you gonna install a Forum in your blog Eric.

unlike many others, an Uncorrupted forum...would be Great for a change... LOL

Anonymous said...

Eric, I am checking out all the info on this site and checking all the current stuff out there thanks for your responses/ blueshadow

Anonymous said...

blueshadow/ Eric and anonymous thanks to you both for meeting me on this blog page I have spent half the day studying the J esse ventura videos I am amazed, not shocked but, amazed, this is very GOOD MATERIAL folks, dam, I had to get a beer but, I AM really pushing to get more involved, I despise these bastards and the throne they put their fat ass on!Eric how can I talk to to t his Jesse ventura?and what the hell is the people of this world going to do about this shit?

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Blueshadow, I've got the forums up and running now, so you should have more luck getting responses over there:

I just watched the Jesse Ventura 9/11 and HAARP shows and they're excellent. I'm not sure how to contact him, I know he's going down to his winter place in Mexico for the next several months. As for what are people gonna do about all this stuff... get informed and spread the word. We're in the midst of a world-wide political awakening to the real control system and you just need to make your ripple in the pond of human consciousness count. Go to the "activism" tab for more ideas too. Peace

Inertia said...

I have followed ATS for many years, and I remember your post. It was well delivered.

Anonymous said...

Wow a link to your site brought me here from a post at ATS. We can not talk about this stuff at ATS, it's like a Taboo topic, at least here it's not censored. good work ;)

shanti23 said...

I started a masonic hand-sign post on ATS. It was 'debunked' in short time by the usual suspects and the pictures removed (Bush's daughter givin' the 'love satan' horns at the 2004 inauguration). 'Deny ignorance' indeed!

The site is a honey-trap for creative thinkers to be (re)conditioned by group-think.

Unfortunately for them, they cannot censor TRUTH!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

ATS is own by Elites and control by the 3 Freemasons.

ATS is use as a propaganda platforme to lead conspiracy theorists to thousands of dead ends, to make them waste time and energy to avoid the real conspiracies to be deaply investigate and the truth reveiled and exposed...

Anonymous said...

Once again this last post above from a ATS corrupted and brainwashed freemason shows their will to derail thread and hide the truth and avoid conspiracy theorists to expose the real agenda of ATS and who control it...

DarkspARCS said...

I was a member of ATS twice.... the first time as DarkspARCS, lol, and the second time as Megiddodiddo".

In two months time, the DarkspARCS account had posted so much condemning info on the connections between masonry and the fall of America and the Agenda's driving the Wars America is currently involved with that the flag content contribution level was 28 flags short of 1000 - a "Gold" content contribution level account.

Most of my posts exposed Congressional and Senate / House legislations and White House Collaborations that have illegally been enacted into law, by illegal officials under subjection to the Crown of England - both with thier BAR associations as well as thier Masonic Memberships.

I posted such threads as:

"You don't own yourself -- the Federal Reserve does!" ( )

"Images from GAZA - WARNING!!! GRAPHIC" ( )

"United States has, unbeknownst to America, detonated Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East" (

"Islam: Does it belong in America?" ( )

"Obama's Brother is a Militant Muslim" ( )

"Disinformation Tactics: The Methods Used To Keep You In The Dark ..." ( )

In a particularly exposing thread about Obama's involvement in the Frauds that have brought the American Economy to it's knees, That account was banned.

the Megiddodiddo account subsiquently was created 1 week later. I continued to expose Obama, Congressional misconduct, and then the BP Oil Spill Scandal. In 1 month's time I had over 600 flags, and 800 stars, and possessed a bronze content contribution level moniker... which was about to go silver.

The last two threads evidently that got me banned. They were entitled "O.K. America, Exactly HOW does one protect the Constitution against Domestic Enemies?" ( )


"Your rights ... have been suspended." ( )

That account pumped out a lot of info on the Constitutional asaults that have been going on against America by the very people placed in power, in violation of the very Oaths these traitors swore, for at least the last 100 years, as well as gave real time scenarios as to where it will all end up. I even stated that Israel wouldn't have to worry about getting caught stealing body parts any more because the new Market they're creating known as "Ameri - Mart" would have all the organs they needed, plus all the children they ever wanted to play with..."

Needles to say I ruffled ATS feathers in a bad way, lol...

Should I say OOPS?

naaa..... ;)

DarkspARCS said...

I was a member of ATS twice.... the first time as DarkspARCS, lol, and the second time as Megiddodiddo".

In two months time, the DarkspARCS account had posted so much condemning info on the connections between masonry and the fall of America and the Agenda's driving the Wars America is currently involved with that the flag content contribution level was 28 flags short of 1000 - a "Gold" content contribution level account.

Most of my posts exposed Congressional and Senate / House legislations and White House Collaborations that have illegally been enacted into law, by illegal officials under subjection to the Crown of England - both with thier BAR associations as well as thier Masonic Memberships.

I posted such threads as:

"You don't own yourself -- the Federal Reserve does!" ( )

"Images from GAZA - WARNING!!! GRAPHIC" ( )

"United States has, unbeknownst to America, detonated Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East" (

"Islam: Does it belong in America?" ( )

"Obama's Brother is a Militant Muslim" ( )

"Disinformation Tactics: The Methods Used To Keep You In The Dark ..." ( )

In a particularly exposing thread about Obama's involvement in the Frauds that have brought the American Economy to it's knees, That account was banned.

the Megiddodiddo account subsiquently was created 1 week later. I continued to expose Obama, Congressional misconduct, and then the BP Oil Spill Scandal. In 1 month's time I had over 600 flags, and 800 stars, and possessed a bronze content contribution level moniker... which was about to go silver.

The last two threads evidently that got me banned. They were entitled "O.K. America, Exactly HOW does one protect the Constitution against Domestic Enemies?" ( )


"Your rights ... have been suspended." ( )

That account pumped out a lot of info on the Constitutional asaults that have been going on against America by the very people placed in power, in violation of the very Oaths these traitors swore, for at least the last 100 years, as well as gave real time scenarios as to where it will all end up. I even stated that Israel wouldn't have to worry about getting caught stealing body parts any more because the new Market they're creating known as "Ameri - Mart" would have all the organs they needed, plus all the children they ever wanted to play with..."

Needles to say I ruffled ATS feathers in a bad way, lol...

Should I say OOPS?

naaa..... ;)

DarkspARCS said...

lol, sorry for the double post - amend it accordingly.

You may be interested to know that your Blog here has made a recent topic post upon the ATS forums!!...

That's how I discovered your ever-so real Blog post about Above top Secret.

SkepticOverlord is currently running damage control within the thread so you know it's getting juicy!

"The REAL ATS Conspiracy"

Anonymous said...

Wow, saw the thread on ATS too.

I am stompk.

ATS is part of BAE, with servers in Reston, VA. They are funded by the DOD. Wrote an extensive thread here;

Anonymous said...

Dude I posted a thred a few weeks ago questioning the obscene number of ads on ATS, and implying that the conspiracy crowd is a vast market that is flocking to ATS, and that maybe that's the whole point after all- maybe they are the same PTB, just fooling all the conspiracy sheep into buying crap, just like all the other capitalists.

My post was immediately deleted, no explanation, and now I cannot post new threads, I get a warning saying I do not have 20 posts yet, which is bull, because I certainly had them when I created the ATS capitalist thread. I agree, ATS exists to make money and collect info.

Anonymous said...

ATS's three Amigos, never reprimand Masons who daily and since years, do not respect ATS T&C.

Obviously Masonry is protected at ATS.

Illegal Threads created to promot freemasonry and recruit new guilible sheeps like '' A simple question to Masons'' and many other propaganda threads, are not reprimanded and remove from ATS...

Even HOAX threads like '' A Mason about to expose ALL the secrets ''
which are not only tolarated BUT also promoted by being lock at the top of the secret society forum and so even if it is been proven that it was a HOAX.

Many who have been around ATS for a couple of years have notice this crooked strategy and it all proved that the 3 Amigos are corrupted by Freemasonry and ATS is use by Elites at the top of the pyramid, as a propaganda platform manipulate and control conspiracy theorists.

Anonymous said...

I agree ATS owners use their site to influence and mislead the conspiracy theorist community.

ATS is a Wolf in disquise..!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ATS schmucks. I told you the Trojan horse would get you. F you Skeptic Overlord.. Anyone calling himself lord, needs a wakeup call.


Anonymous said...

great site dude, a link on a thread about ATS being dishonest brought me here. I knew there was something fishy with ATS. Glad to see i am not alone to think that way.To often, i saw Posts being controled and erased for no reason others then hidding the information in it and stop it from being spread out, the truth must be find, once and for all!

Anonymous said...

i knew it, lets get the tar and feathers and show the 3 amigo how we treat tractors...

Anonymous said...

People of ATS you should be boiling mad ,I mean how dare they do this who the fuck are they what gives them the right, what audacity lets them do this to people.I can't comprehend what is going through their sick twisted dis-orientated minds that lets them do this. How Dare they DELETE Vital Information that is critical to our understanding of this corrupt place we live in where our kids and there kids will live in you cant trust nobody nowadays and the One place that you go to learn what is going on in this world is deleting information.

I am so angry now that my thoughts are jumbled up we want the fucking truth 100% fuck you how dare you what entered your mind that allowed you to do this its like a damn trap we are trying to escape the lies the deceit and we all come here and congregate to speak the truth and gain as much insight as possible that may give us the upper hand in lay of a terrible future ahead and you delete vital information so we basically put our trust in you and you turn around and back stab us you deserve to die and i mean it.

If i ever met one you in real life it would not be pretty what happens next you hypocritical sons of bitches.

If people don't stand up for what is right here then how are we supposed to be able to do it in real life when the situation demands for it these people should be scapegoats people this your own sanctuary that is being violated defend it.

Don't ignore this don't allow them to cover up the truth we deserve it.

This is our house and nobody and i mean nobody fucks around with it period.

Anonymous said...

what are we waiting for... lets get the tar and feathers and show the 3 amigos, how we treat traitors !

Anonymous said...

ATS is a site that attracts all kinds. It is as irrelevant to reality as any other boogeyman and fairies site out there. Basically they want to sell advertising and make money off their huge membership and site hits. Like anyone else who has a site. It's not controlled by Freemasons though. That is remarkably silly! Ha! I was kicked from posting and I'm a freemason, so there goes that theory. I wouldn't give ATS too much credit for anything.

Anonymous said...

if you really are a freemason where is your Lodge and what is your Lodge number.hmmmm ( BS )

Nice try to dilude the crisis but IMO you are a Mod from ATS or.... is it you SkepticOverlord...LOL

ATS is a tool to manipulate conspiracy theorists AND ONE DAY OR ANOTHER.... ATS owners will go throw the Tar and Feathers punishment.


Anonymous said...

ATS did it again. A thread was exposing ATS for their unfair practice of always trying to control and hide informations exposed by members and the owners close that thread and removed it, even if it earned over 100 Flags in a couple of hours and hundreds of bluestars.

What about a shoot oneself in the foot move, they just proved ATS is indeed manipulating information.

The question is: ''are they manipulating members? '' et if yes what are ATS's secret Agenda...


David said...

I always get a huge laugh out of people who are extremely paranoid & scared of those of us who rule the world .... you know, the 32d degree perpetual Scottish Rite Masons like myself & life-members of college-based secret socities, again like myself. I also served over 13 years in the military, holding a top secret clearence at one time as a ComSec Custodian. So that combination of things pretty much makes me one of the most dangerous entities in the universe .... I think. (Notice I specified "entities", since I'm a lizard instead of a people .... I think). It's loads of fun having this much power & control over other people .... I think.

Anonymous said...

No..! Being a Mason, make you one of the most guilible cult follower, stupid human of the world.

You should try to have more power & control over your life.


Anonymous said...

I've been on ATS almost 2 years now - I am SquirrelNutz. I imagine this is (you are) going to be getting a lot of attention, soon.

I've enjoyed discussing all kinds of topics, there.

I can certainly see how what you're saying may be occurring, but there are so many posters, that 1) that can't possibly monitor everything (can they?), and 2) their interjections could still be overshadowed by the volume of dissenting opinions.

I dunno - I'm sure I'll still participate, but I'll be a little more wary, and anxious to see if another offshoot develops.

Matter of fact, I already have a killer platform/GUI if someone were so interested and motivated.

Anonymous said...

So what you're saying is basically you cannot follow rules, then when you get called on it, you bitch about it, then you throw a temper tantrum like a big baby and create a place where not only are you going to claim your information was powerful, it is seen as a threat, and you're intelligent?

Not buying it.

Weak argument, weak blog, and a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

SkeptikOverlord, do you really think you can come here Anonymously to influence and manipulate all here to hide what we all witness at ATS.

Many of us are talking about the corruption at ATS by U2Us because you closed and hide threads exposing it, so nothing you can do could change it now, all will know..!

Anonymous said...

ATS owners knows from a long time that many are awared of injustices and dishonest procedures and corruption at ATS but NOW that they can not lie anymore and deny they didn't know... as anything changed..? since the last thread denoncing and exposing it all at ATS ( and soon after shut down by SkepticOverlord to hide the truth)

Well...Absolutly NO......nothing at all, so it proved that ATS owners are behind it all.

Corrupted Mods and owners, all accomplices to use this corrupted site as a propanganda platform to manipulate conspiracy theoristes to avoid the truth to be exposed via the internet, to the World...

Controling informations is their only thing they can do until elites shut down the internet 1.0

Anonymous said...

hey guys, the dude who dared to exposed the coruption at ATS in a thread which was closed and removed to hided the truth, just created another thread about it, a part 2 and guess what....Brother SkepticOverlord just used his power to close and hide this one too... :0

It's getting abvious that ATS have alot of hidden ghosts in their closet and maybe even a hidden agenda..?

mika said...

me just got censored then banned for questionning the official story about the delay in delivery the new ats site (saying that to my knowledge this broken thread thing should be a lie)

i was very surprised, not so big deal is it ?

ats doesn't like questions, ats doesn't like transparency.

what is this site about again ? ... as "leaders" they show strange examples, enough to question them at least.

mika said...

(me database&web developper since years i was questioning out of my knowledge and experience - that is not perfect of course)

Anonymous said...

if you want my opinion mick, ATS is a spider web against conspiracy theorists.

I would't be suprise if we would figure out that ATS is part of the CIA mind control programe and Elites' process, to control the mass.

You see...If ATS can not reprogram you well... they erase you..!


Anonymous said...

'' You see...If ATS can not reprogram you, well... they erase you..! ''

LOL ! well said my friend, ATS erased alot of Unreprogrammable conspiracy theorists, that got to close from the real conspiracies!
You know,the conspiracies that ATS don't want you to exposed LOL !

Anonymous said...

ATS Thread: Why did I join the Masons & What did I learn?

4 pages to motivate sheeps to become freemasons and promot freemasonry and still going on...without being close.

this is another exemple of a thread being accepted in the secret society forum even if it is only use as propaganda.

BUT WAIT....didn't brother ''Skeptic(bullshit)Overlord'' posted about The issue of topics critical of Masonry on avoid this to happen

Like hundreds of other exemple, yes

ATS lie to manipulate members, ATS is a propaganda platform used to manipulate conspiracy theorists


Anonymous said...

The 3 Amigos, co-owners of ''the Dunceland for conspiracy theorists'' are...

- Skeptic Overlord ''The Puppet Master''

- Simon Gray ''The Coachman''

- Springer ''The Ringmaster'', the wicked man who turns conspiracy theorists into stupid donkeys...

You still doubt that ATS is corrupted, here is another conspiracy theorist who was banned from ATS because he reveilled to much:

John Lear is a retired airline captain and former CIA pilot, as well as the son of the famous inventor of the Lear Jet. He is a former Lockheed L-1011 Captain and is highly regarded in aviation circles. He has flown over 150 aircraft and has earned every certificate granted by the Federal Aviation Administration. John also held 18 world speed records and has worked for 28 different Aircraft Corporations. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, John began coming forward with some startling revelations concerning the subject of aerial phenomena and Unidentified Flying Objects.

banned from ATS in 2008

masonic symbols said...

The Secret Dulce Underground Base Conspiracy · Ghosts in TV - How Real Are These · The Bermuda Triangle - Debunked?

Anonymous said...


Think about it for a second, isn't easier to control information if leaks are all grouped.

Elites couln't closed every new conspiracy sites because it would became suspicious and it's impossible to control information in every sites either. was created by elites to bring every sheep together to more easly controle and manipulate informations.

Brillant strategy, ATS have a endless budjet so that makes that site very attrative and populare so every guilible conspiracy theorists is falling for it and they are all regrouping in this corrupted sites being manipulate without realizing it. Every mind control techniques and strategies are use at, it's a laboratory for MK Ultra mind control and every conspiracy theorists are being reprogrammed to avoid the truth to really be found and spread to world population.

unfortunately the majority of conspiracy theorists are falling in the trap, are YOU really gonna be stupide enought to get fooled by candies and parades....

Revolution is not a party it is a duty, and we should all work together to fight against the new world order before it's to late...

Anonymous said...

Many ATS accounts have been created by ATS administrator, specifically to fool and manipulate members.

Members don't realize it and they let them influence their judgment.

It's the same for some moderator accounts, they even have more potential of manipulation over guilible members. This tactic is to control information and avoid conspiracy theorists who gets to close from the truth to expose it and spread it all around the world to avoid the mass to rebel.

The inly ones who will ever be Above top secret...are the elites controling this mind control site.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech at ATS is an illusion...informations is controlled and members are reprogrammed.

the fantasy world of ATS is nothing more then a mind control tool to spread propaganda and manipulate the truth to avoid it to be exposed to all.

Elites' fear, is a mass revolution...before the new world order secret agenda is completed..!

Anonymous said...

Hey augustusmasonicus or however u spell ur name callin u out if ur with goverment or freemasons then u got connections prove yourself what's my current address send it to my email address with ur name as the title and that info in the body of the email seventy two hours before I go off the grid an delete everything better hurry if u wanna prove urself
Tick tock

Anonymous said...

Jebus. what a bunch of sad, deluded numpties.

Anonymous said...

hey matey i just tried your experiment and had my thread deleted within seconds, with excuse:from: 12m8keall2c
sent: 10-1-2011 at 04:01 AM
the individual in question was not banned for the reasons stated but for Repeatedly and Continually spamming the boards with links to, reference and mentions of, his website.

ATS is a venue Not a platform.

apparently he failed to realize such, despite efforts made to clarify the same.

A venue for discussion Not a platform from which to launch personal endeavors.

that's pretty much about it.
*oh, and then this..*:A member of the forum staff, 12m8keall2c, has deleted your thread, Above Above Top Secret .Com.

There might be numerous reasons for this action that range from a gross Terms & Conditions violation to something as simple as the existence of another thread on the same or very similar topic. If you don't feel this was a good decision by our staff, you can simply reply to this U2U for more explanation, or file a complaint where all of our staff can review your comments. In the event we find merit to restore your thread, be assured that it has been preserved and can be returned to public view at any time.

For additional information from 12m8keall2c, simply respond to this U2U. ......*yes, well, shant be going back there again in a hurry, mason pigs, no better than bush....

Eric Dubay said...

Nice one Andrew. It's always the same run-around with ATS. Here's the best part: I didn't even have a website back then! The only link I ever posted was to The Atlantean Conspiracy book, which at that time was only a FREE PDF! So my inexcusable offense at that conspiracy forum was to post a few links to my free conspiracy book. How dare I, right!? Ban him! He's linking to good, useful, free information!

Anonymous said...

cheers man... was an avid follower of ats until i found your blog...awesome blog dude...will be following ya... peace to you and yours, and may the tattered remains of our free speech knit themselves back together!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

the following is an email i recieved from our friends at ats....
The post was nothing but a link to a post on another site.

Why would we host a link to another site that is making up ridiculous stories about us? To help them get more pageviews?

Not going to happen.

They have their article on their site and it can stay on their site. Not on ours.

ATS Admin
- Show quoted text -.. my reply.... hahahaa what a load of B.S and you two faced egotistical people know it... what you are doing is wrong, you are plainly contradicting yourselves when you remove certain posts... for gods sakes, i mean, how many other people on this site post links to other sites and not get their threads,comments taken off??? you know as well as i do that the thread hit a raw nerve and was too close to home... and look at the B.S you guys allow on certain threads!!! look who's really trying to get page views..!! you masons are full of yourselves and i really really hope you get whats coming to ya... pack of slimebags.... P.S. say hi ta ya mate bush...
- Show quoted text -

Anonymous said...

FUCK ATS THE MODS ar either zionists or masons
Guys find out why i got banned please
Im not your sheep ats ,

Anonymous said...

Eric thnx for the blog .ATS is a scam the mods are scum they painted me out to be a racist even though you can tell im anything but.
ATS DENY ignorance yh right .
If your NOT pro zionists and anti muslim you get banned .

Crakeur zionist
Skyfloating nwo posterboy

Anonymous said...

get to close to being a freedom fighter they ll shut you down

Anonymous said...

ATS is a mind control tool to re-program those who gets too close to truth and are a threat to TPTB because they could expose it to the world.

ATS is a virtual camp to control conspiracy theorists and avoid a rebellion of the world against the hidden secret powerful elites.

Those who really want to ''deny ignorance'' are always banned from ATS, the others, the guilible sheeps are brainwash with an exesive spiral of stupid conspiracy, dead ends to exausted and controled the comunity.


Anonymous said...

i am a member at ATS and like many i'm having serious doubt on ATS integrity

i witnessed alot of fishy thinks...Informations seems controlled, manipulated and often hidden.

In My Opinion, Above Top is Owned and Controlled by TPTB '' AND '' Masons are the corrupted Knights, who help TPTB ( and ATS )to manipulate members' minds to avoid them to understand they are being re-programmed and controlled...!

Richard D.
Miami,FL USA

a_cowboys_girl said...

I UNFoLLOWED those bastards without a second thought on twitter. I love your blog, I'm not sure how I found you. I think it was thru youtube. Anyhow I'm glad I did. You should totally have more followers on twitter. Gotta get the word out!

Anonymous said...

i am a member at ATS and since i found your site i am keeping a eye on fishy thinks out there....

I came across a thread there titled: '' This whole Secret Societies Forum is nothing more than a Freemasons Recruitment Center''

within 24h his thread was derailed and he got banned.

Many are saying that ATS's role is to control informations but also to control and reprograme conspiracy theorists.

One thing is for sure, talking about Freemasonry and Zionism is forbidden onless it's to help recruiting.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to add Intrepid to the list of masons on the site.
I won't go into detail because I still enjoy posting there, but add another 'aware of the problem' ATS member to the list.
Also, on a personal note, I'm glad theorndunn is dead. There I said it. lol

Bill said...

Every truth seeker should avoid ATS, it's a PSYOP site being run by masonic brotherhood. Their are hired trolls everywhere on that site, their main purpose is to discredit, mislead and demoralize truth seekers. These trolls use foul language against you, twist the facts presented by you and sometimes post off-topic insulting videos and images on the thread but are never banned.

Many good conspiracy researchers like john leer and terry melanson were all banned from ATS, not because they went against any T&C, but their info was exposing the evil globalists. Terry melanson who explored links between Freemasonry and illuminati was immediately banned and his threads removed, he said ATS is a dictatorship in his blog. And I will quote him:

"Can’t take the heat so you destroy the post entirely. Typical of (Masonic) tyrants. The mods I referred to above were intrepid and Mirthful Me. The latter, a Mason; the former, a coadjutor."

"The one thing dictators all have in common is zero tolerance of criticism. And that’s how it works at ATS. First you get censored, and then if you protest and call out the despots, you are immediately censored again (for back talk; like a little child) and summarily done away with completely."

see comments section :

Their are many masonic trolls as members and mods in the secret societies forum who just try to appear clever but are ignorant and unintelligent, and they don't like members who present facts which exposes freemasonry, and when they feel cornered they ask their overlords for banning those members. Like this mason emsed1 who asks for banning members. oops! he just exposed himself on terry's blog..

"emsed1 - Terry I asked for no help in banning you." (see the comment section in the following link)

you can't discuss anything about secret societies on ATS which are so much involved in every major conspiracy, and without taking into consideration the involvement of secret societies in various conspiracies, how anyone will ever know the complete truth about any conspiracy. If you will express any anti-masonic sentiments you will be banned from ATS, that's why the three amigos of ATS have separated secret societies from general conspiracies discussion, in order to discourage members from discussing anything relating to freemasonry, Illuminati etc.

ATS is a dictatorship which suppresses truth and spreads masonic propaganda. Stay away from ATS.

Anonymous said...

top members at ATS are either getting their appartment broke in after been contact by ATS U2U and ask to go out for a hour or some are disappearing... like the veteran and #1 member DimensionalDetective and ATS MODs are trying to control information about it and hide it...

Anonymous said...

*** ALERT *** *** ALERT ***

The #1 ATS member ProtoplasmicTraveler, who was respected by everyone...and who just exposed corruption in a thread, got his thread erased and beleive it or not...he just got ''Banned''

We now have the prove that ATS is indeed completly controled by TPTB

Everyone stay on your guard and stay vigilant and first and foremost... get the hell out of ATS NOW..!

*** ALERT *** *** ALERT ***

Anonymous said...

a member started a thread titled '' where the hell is Proto'' and Protesters exposed ATS owners' conspiracy against Proto and after 4 pages the MODS not only close the thread but they made it disapeared completly

A secons thread tiled '' what happen to Proto'' didn't went to page 2, information was manipulated and controlled and MODS closed the thread.

ATS is ruled by a totalitarian structure because it's own and was created by TPTB to control, reprogram or illiminate conspiracy theorists who goes to deep into the rabbit hole.

All ATS members are leading straight to the slaughterhouse

CHA0S said...

I just did an article about Proto:

If you like the forum please think about joining TASite, I created it after I figured out ATS was the total opposite of what it claims to be. It started off well but has now fizzled out. Think about joining if you're sick of ATS and their hypocrisy!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm The ATS #1 member and the #2 (who became last month #1) were wipe out the ATS website.

Information controled and hidden, events manipulated and reformulated for propaganda...

Who will be sacrefied next in the ATS Orwell's World


Anonymous said...

tim3lord made a thread titled 'ProtoplasmicTraveler has been banned!!, ' ATS deleted it to control information and hide the truth.

ATS is owned bt TPTB

here is the thread quote from google cache:

Topic started on 19-5-2011 @ 04:12 AM by tim3lord

I was shocked to learn that one of the great minds here on has been banned. His last post was 15/5/11.

now i remember a thread he created about getting a mysterious message and being sent on a wild goose chase looking for a UFO or a UFO landing. When he got home after not witnessing anything his house or apartment had been broken into. He was under the impression this was some sort of subtle message for him they he should shut up about whatever he was talking about. that was about 5 days ago maybe more. i jump ATS as i do and looked up his profile to see what other interesting stuff he might have uncovered and found that his account was banned and the thread he created about his break in has been deleted. Does anybody know what the hell is going on? i know the thread ran about 5 or 6 pages deep. MODS??? Anybody.

If this was just some generic poster i wouldn't not be surprised, but proto was known my many people on here and his posts were well constructed and thought provoking. he has been a solid contributor on many subjects. im sure quite a few people on here will be shocked as i was.

did i miss something? he he go batpoop insane? does anybody know what happened?

Anonymous said...

registering at ATS mean to walk into lion's den

Anonymous said...

this post is from boondock-saint.

Yes it is me. I was banned from ATS by Mirthful Me (Mod) for posting an invention. I was on ATS' top 10 member list at #7 when I was banned.

I have been in contact with Proto by e-mail and also signed up at his new site.

I believe Proto's departure from ATS was staged. Proto's domain was hijacked and stored on a GNAX server in Atlanta GA. GNAX has contracts with the FBI. The traceroute to Proto's site went through McLean VA before hitting Atlanta.

Proto also has mods at his site that were also members of ATS.

Proto's site is a trap IMO just like ATS is a trap but different alphabet soup agencies. ATS = NSA. Proto = FBI.

I am doing research on ATS and Proto for an upcoming expose. Wish me luck. I registered over at AMKON and have an account thanks to this blog.

best wishes and God Bless


Anonymous said...

boondock-saint....Wow what an incompetent disinformant agent... do you really imagine we couldn't understand your mind game....

Proto is one of the greatest fighter against TPTB, his site is one of the few like Eric Dubay, who are really fighting against the New World Order.

Thomas Henley aka Protoplasmictraveler live in Florida...and refuse to hide, he take the risk to expose him self and he already pay the price for it and he will never stop fighting TPTB ( Rome )

Anonymous said...

Eric, i think you're right about ATS and Freemasonry, here is something i found in another site about SkepticOverlord being from a very high ranking Freemason family...

'' Oops! that wasn't very smart M. SO...''


posted at ATS on 6-7-2011 @ 03:09 AM by SkepticOverlord

'' My uncle was relatively high in the "Scottish Rite," being the first-born son of a first-born son of a first-born son back to someone important in our family history... which goes back to association with Robert the Bruce. ''

Anonymous said...

i knew it..!, you're right eric , ATS is owned and oparated by Masons...

Anonymous said...

I can't remember the first time I stumbled upon ATS and made an account. Researching 9/11 eventually brought me there sometimes around 2009-ish so one way or another I created an account. I created accounts all over the place, in 9/11 forums and etc, and ATS was one of the only ones that was fairly easy to create an account, the other ones were difficult and had a lot of technical issues to them that made it impossible to even post anything. I remember when I first signed on to ATS I found the interface extremely difficult to map, you had to be a software geek to figure it out, I thought. Eventually though I understood how it worked, and even learned some of the "tricks" like embedding video and turning phrases into links you can click on. But my first suspicion that ATS was a controlled front was when I encountered the "Mossad did 9/11 thread."

Anonymous said...

Protoplasmictraveler was not only banned from ATS, he was first lured out of his house by someone who cantacted him at ATS by U2U.

When he came back home, he found that someone broke in his house , manipulated his computer and let trace of his breakin to scare him out of ATS but that didn't scared him so then they banned him out of ATS...

Anonymous said...

Tristar apparently was responsible for making Proto leave. Dimensional detective, Boondock saint have also been banned. As has John Lear and many others... Something is not right about ATS.

Also check out this thread

Anonymous said...

The link you posted doesn't work, ATS erased it to hide it...They control information and censure unwanted posts.

On The ATS Page that say that The link doesn't work, we can see 5 black men....if 3 are The 3 Amigo...who are The 3 other ones.....

Anonymous said...

BTW most of the threads in the ATS "hoax section" are most likely true. I seem to have noticed ATS Google bombs many of the controversial UFO/Alien/NASA coverup threads and brands them as "hoaxes". Whats more, the shills on ATS pretend to be "genuine truth seekers" and create those debunking threads to mislead people.

Anonymous said...

TBTP had to found a way to manipulate all the rebels who could unmasked them and harm TPTB's secret agendas.

They created ATS.... an attraction park for conspiracy theorists where in the same time they entertain us, they can use mind control technics to derail investigations too close to the real truth about TPTB and the soon New World Order !

Anonymous said...

Hi there, my ATS Exposed thread:

Same story after 9/11 with Sandy Hook..
Same story with the Mason Thread

Eric Dubay said...

Awesome thread Kennedy! Thanks for putting all that together. It's so obvious that ATS is counter intelligence. Peace

Anonymous said...

Two threads I thought you guys might find relevant...
This one was shut down by 'intrepid' and 'crakeur', when the relevant old threads from his post history in the SS forum were bumped to prove intrepid was a freemason.. OP got a post ban.
This one is about the 300-400 billion dollar US kosher racket, check it out and watch who replies.

I still post there, but damned if I'm going to 'write' for them anymore.

Eric Dubay said...

Great job man! Thanks for sharing :) Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

one dude on ats noticed something odd about 9-11 geobro is his user name look up 9-11 my personal story 10 years on page 7 /10 /11 the time people saw 9-11 in other parts of the world offered skeptic a $10,000 bet on it story got pulled he also got banned from cluesforum .info check it out ???? bill

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this. A year ago I was searching masonic stuff and every link that came up on ATS about it was loaded with guys claiming to be masons and telling the OP they were crazy. I never signed up for that forum, but there was a topic that blew me out the water about masonic symbols being in movies and how the thread became just dominated by them telling the OP they were crazy. I have never seen a forum defend them more in my life.

The Fugitive From Injustice said...

It is not just ATS Eric and I am certain that you realise that fact. The entire internet has been set up and created by the unmentionables to serve the ROMAN principle of eaves-dropping on everybody and eliminating the threats. Anonymity is not possible here and what was sold to us as an opportunity to have access to otherwise inaccessible information, has turned out to be an even more manipulative tool than TV and the media. You have to be a brave man to stand up and speak your mind. And you can rest assured that all of those who do, assuming the role of conspiracy icons, and leaders of the truth movement, and who manage to survive without harrassment, are almost certainly NOT the people that you may think they are. I have to say that I have not quite made my mind up about you but I do know about me and they are grinding me into the ground.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Fugitive, keep up the good work! What haven't you made your mind up about me? :) Peace

Anonymous said...

someone got ats right good read the story in 9-11 what time did you hear about it my story

CipherTheVoid said...

Hey Eric,

I agree. I'm from India, Asia. I registered for ATS two weeks ago. I was curious about the Masonic Society so I visited the ATS Secret Societies section.
I was surprised when I found a lot of pro-mason stuff going on. I expected the conspiracy-exposure part. Freemasons creep me out man. Something's not right with them.

I also have a question: You teach Yoga (read Hindu related material in your pages). I heard "There is no Yoga without Hinduism and no Hinduism without Yoga."

Are you a Hindu? Why not create a post about Hindu Animal Killings & Blood Sacrifices? I don't belong to any religious sect in India. I'm just curious as what you might have to say on the subject?

And as far as religious conspiracies go. Can you please clarify the relationship between Yoga/Hindu philosophy and the New Age movement/Ascended Masters. I always thought the New Age movement was Satanic/Luciferian & was related to the Illuminati/New World Order conspiracy.

Organized religion of any sort creeps me out bro!
Great work on the blog/website though!



Eric Dubay said...

Hey Cipher, thanks for the comment! I agree, all religion creeps me out too... choosing any religion is like shutting off your brain and going with pre-programmed stock answers for all of life's deepest questions. I like the Bhagavad Gita and much of Vedic philosophy speaks to me, but I would never call myself "Hindu" or any religion. Your question about the links between Hinduism and New Age is something I've wondered myself, and I think many deceivers use these modalities for their own gain, but on its own the Yoga I practice is a completely positive thing. Meditation, deep breathing, stretching, balancing and strengthening poses are all very beneficial for your mental, emotional and physical well-being, but all the dogmatic religious stuff that is attached to "Yoga" is not in my personal definition of that word. Hope that helps! Peace

CipherTheVoid said...

Thank you for the reply. Till next time. Peace.

Anonymous said...

ATS and Godlike Productions are both run by, and filled with religious kooks who ban and censor anyone dissenting against their attempt at brainwashing. They cannot argue against fact so instead ban IP addresses.

Anonymous said...

I was banned from ATS for posting about how the USA uses the DPRK to have a endless war

Anonymous said...

Hello, this is Network Dude.
Admittedly a low level mason.

I do have a question, when do we as low level masons get to learn what all these hand signs mean? I know the grips and passwords for the first three degrees of craft masonry, But the Scottish Rite didn't teach me any flashy hand signs. Even in the 32nd degree. What gives?

Thanks in advance for your answer!

Anonymous said...

You, um, might want to check your info there, brah. You're account is NOT banned from ATS. Accounts that have been banned say so. Yours says, audible gasp!, Member. Yeah, you're not banned. Stop blowing smoke.

Eric Dubay said...

Not blowing smoke, click on my name you'll get a 404 page error, my account is inaccessible and my IP has been banned so I cannot create another account. Peace

AugustusMasonicus said...

I just checked for you Eric. It is still viewable and your thread history is still there.

Come back and play, we miss you.

Eric Dubay said...

Shouldn't have banned me if you miss me, AugustusMASONicus. Now I can access the old account but cannot reply or post any new threads, what gives? You guys will just ban me again for telling the truth about your Masonically controlled opposition site anyway.

AugustusMasonicus said...

You're not post banned either, it would show up on the account.

PM a moderator, they should be able to sort it out. Then we can all enjoy hearing how you exposed our wicked plans.

Unknown said...

They banned me too. I had an excellent conspiracy about God being a space alien. It's like backed up by hundreds of related things as well. So while no one could debunk it, groups of Evolutionists would always gang up on me and get me banned. I think they are honestly afraid of the truth.

Anonymous said...

Im not banned but don't go there anymore there is no intelligent debate, no real sources, no real substance. Its a good example of a double standard site, Deny ignorance is the Ats slogan but I noticed time and time again the ignorance of members and moderators. If you want the truth then avoid that place you will never find any there. If you want to be intelligent then avoid that place because being clever starts by not be an narrow minded ignoramus; which seems to be the favoured children on Ats. Ats is a waster of cyber space, if ever as site should have a delete button on its home page then it should be one of them sites at the top of the list.

Anonymous said...

A few days ago I received a posting ban for posting a thread in the rant sections called" What is the point of this thread?" I simply ranted my disgust of how rude and disrespectful members were, especially to new members. Come on, really? Apparently since then I have a posting ban. I've followed the site for a few years and been notice a swift change with the members and their responses/posts. I asked when my posting ban would be lifted and MOD/member/whoever this person was stated that it was up to me. WTF kind of response is that? I sent a few messages to intrepid and the ATS email and of course no response.

wrecche said...

Same old stuff with that miserable place. Intrepid is a tyrant, blaine is a tosser, that wrabbit idiot is just .. why did they even give him a role? they're all idiots. All polite and smiles in public, but in U2U they give you this superior attitude they think makes them gods or something, and they post ban you anyway. Well in my case, outright ban because O told the prick I had many accounts. Why would Ihave many accounts. I just wanted to see the weak little sack of crap explode. and he did.

it's a useless place anyway, let it suffer and disassemble itself. the members are shit, the mods are shit, the *cough spluuter* three amigos are probably involved in some sort of gay prostitution racket... the entire place is a joke.

winofiend trolled them for years. even after the thought they got rid of him, he stayed there another year and a half. that is how useless they are. lmao

wrecche said...

Having read more comments in this blog too, I find it extremely typical of those smug arrogant swines, especially Augustus, coming hjere abd being arrogantly antagonising. With quips like "when are you coming back, to be banned again?" and so on, proving that they ban people without any validity. That they will ban someone for this, denying them any natural justice in their forums, then come here to antagonise you and throw snide remarks, shows me without a shadow of a doubt that they are a group of sinister deviants out to do nothing but stem the flow of any information...

They make money off content, but they also ask for donations. They want people to consider ATS the best conspiracy website around, but in reality, like paris hilton, they have a self proclaimed status - that attracts the lowest common denominator, and they funnel things and filter out what is not going to go well for them. Exposing the hierarchy within their 'club' is definitely a no go, so all the twisting and turning they undergo to confuse people obfuscate the facts, deny the truth and basically say "Shut up, I have spoken. You are Banned."

From every angle, it is obvious. Now I don't doubt the slimey weasles will pop along any moment now to have a dig at winofiend, they don't like the fact I don't contribute to their coffers, and they certainly don't like it when someone makes a noise outside of ATS - as seen here.

Every single person on that forum is either someone duped into thinking they are legitimate, OR in on the agenda.

In almost every single interaction with a moderator, it's been lies and deciet in order to get you to grovel, and if you do, they still ban you. If you don't, they ban you. There is no morally upstanding moderator in that insipid place.

I once felt some were decent, those who had not been involved in staff action against me.

But I now am completely aware that every single regular on that place is a corruption of what the entire place should stand for. They are the crutches that allow this conspiracy to continue, they are defacto agents. Plain and simple.

I'll be happy to see the forums crumble into oblivion, a blot on the internet archive and wayback machine. nothing more would make me smile.

wrecche said...

Also, a quick post to Twitchy is he is still around - That thread on the kosher/halal tax.. 11 years later, as that waqs posted in 2004, we are indeed having the same problem now with halal. One man here, Mohammed Elmouelhy, head of the Islamic Councel of Australia, has admitted to making millions off this, and even smugly says it only finances his wifes shoes, and not in any way is any money sent out of Australia - well, fitnah might not be considered sending funds to terrorists organisations, but it is an obligation ot help muslims in struggle.

he even admits that he only supports muslim charities. We have halal water, cat food, sanitary products, halal Vegemite for crying out loud, it's made out of spent wort - it makes beer. No muslim would eat it, and yet we pay now fo rhave it certified.

Reading your thread there, my god it's no different today.No one wants to see the truth, this scam, for what it is, and everyone attacks the poster as anti-whatever, in my case, anti-islamic. It should be an OPT IN situation to respect their religious beliefs, not every single person pays, making 1 single man millions in profit - there are over 13 registered halal certifiers in Australia.

I read your thread and wish I could have starred it. Hard to believe 11 years later, nothing has changed... except now it's not billions, but trillions a year scam.

AugustusMasonicus said...


You really should come back to ATS, there is a guy posting there and citing your writings as reason the earth is flat.

You may be totally wrong about us Masons taking over the planet but you cannot be that out of touch to follow the flat earth silliness.

We miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

winofiend, yes twitchy is still around :-) The Halal stuff is an interesting parallel, definitely feel free to post on that thread.

Eleven Years said...

Banned by ATS

In a last nail in the coffin scenario James Damiano's movie "Eleven Years" draws the straw that breaks the camel's back, rivets Bob Dylan to his secret past of plagiarism and rewrites musical history"......Virtue Films

Bob dylan's stealing of james damiano's songs

Anonymous said...

Right I am not one of the mason's, in fact I can't walk past a masonic lodge without a feeling of anger toward the evil lucifer worshiping cult though I should not be angry, sad at the evil they are doing in the world yes and sad that so many soul's are suffering because of there action's but I should leave Anger to the Lord whom is after all the Savior and the Judge.

I have been a member of ATS for some time now but have decided to never post there again because of a video I watched.

Now I know that some of you assume that because of Masonic Influence and infiltration into the Catholic church that the Catholic's are just as bad but I would differ there severely being a believer myself.

So please look at this youtube video.

Basically a convent was founded over 300 years ago in Ecuador and the Virgin appeared and granted vision's and warning's including about Masonry that accursed sect.
Several of the body's of the nun's at that convent in the middle of the capital city are still free of corruption despite being hundreds of years old, they are not preserved as even the best preserving techniques of those day's could never have preserved them so well.
Every prophecy so far has come true with some left for the future which shall surely also be fulfilled.

I am not trying to convert any of you though that would be nice - just to Mary and her son Jesus if not to the catholic faith - But I am wanting to tell you that though the Freemason's have control of almost everything they are NOT going to win.

Anonymous said...

I made the awful mistake of returning to ATS last night and caught the tail end of a 9-11 related discussion where the OP was being completely overrun with shills and trolls. I posted a couple links to some older threads on 9-11 that I had participated or penned myself and when one of the shills dropped a couple replies I tried to respond but kept getting I'm guessing that would indicate a ban, or some other fuqery to keep me from posting there anymore.
There was a time when ATS was a great site, sometime around 2008, it went to hell. They started promoting anti-conspiracy members like blaine(what a joke) and removing posts that promoted actual conspiracy topics. It's a completely rigged game there now, the site is overrun with gov shlls and CENTCOM stooges, and a troop of militant freemasons. I wouldn't write a greeting card slogan for that place anymore and I'd stay well away from it unless you enjoy being under real deal surveillance. One member even had his house broken into back in '06 I think after arranging to meet another ATS member in person. It was a honeypot, now it's just a joke. Any real conspiracy material is quickly removed or inundated with shills or 'moderated' into uselessness by a staff that is actively hostile to conspiracy content anymore. Try it for yourself, post something there about 9-11 being an inside job and watch the shite show that your thread quickly becomes, or post something negative about freemasonry and see if you can keep count of the shills that will make an appearance to that thread.. if it's even allowed to stay up on the site to begin with.
Also notice the LOL and the Hoax forum, this is where they put anything even remotely conspiracy related. There is no set criteria for moving threads to these sections other than the whim of a now biased staff member and there they will die a slow death with the label of having been a hoax or a lie. Screw ATS, stay away from there, it's neither safe nor legitimate anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric, if you still read this I just wanted to say howdy, and if you ever get to Western North Carolina, dinner is on me :)