Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Energy Conspiracy

(Thanks to Jesse for contributing these emails to me which I've compiled into the following article)

The Energy Conspiracy
by Jesse Foster

I was an energy consultant in early 2000's at PG&E, the largest utility company in USA and have always thought about better ways to power the planet. There are so many possibilities for unlimited environmentally friendly power. Besides Tesla type stuff, wind, solar etc, it is quite possible to create solar arrays in space and beam tremendous amounts of energy back to earth to be "collected" by stations at a very very low cost. The petroleum industry owns most of the major patents on solar energy so they don't release it and they make it too expensive.

The combustion engine is an antique and long obsolete. I don't care how efficient they make gasoline powered engines, its a bad idea. We have been artificially stuck using this outdated technology and all progress retarded by the petrol-bots. Can you imagine walking through downtown Bangkok and smelling flowers? The sky would be clear, weather bearable, so different. The buildings wouldn't be all black with soot.

Free Energy - 400 Billion Dollar Secret (excellent video)

This will truly be a different world when we update our energy strategy and move away from fossil fuels. I think of all the conspiracies in the world, the energy conspiracy is the worst because the trickle down affects everything. My friends and I back home call all the conspiracies together "the set-up." The agricultural set-up, political set-up, financial set-up, medical industry set-up, poverty set-up, mind-control set-up and on and on. These are all critical issues, but the most fundamental set-up is energy. If we had unlimited free energy, production in the entire world could be automated and humans would have about 99%+ leisure time. I think the energy set-up is a key aspect to all the earth's ills. What do you think?

The idea of energy control is not so new as it would seem from one man's statement in the first video, it's old, very old. Having its roots in ancient times when agrarian civilizations grew and became more complex and specialized. If you could control key resources like land, food, lumber, metal, water, fuel, and information (i.e. astrology as the predictor of seasonal/weather change), you could completely control a population. The industrial revolution came about very recently in human history but controlling populations by resource control is thousands of years old.

Here we are today with the magical power of electricity. We are to the point that if you are from a developed nation, it is very likely that your parents or even grandparents can't imagine a life before electricity. We have lived with electrical power in our homes all of our lives and typically only experience a non-electricity situation when going camping or during brief urban blackouts. If we live in a city, we never even see the stars at night, let alone imagine a world without electricity. As a man in one video says, energy is the biggest business in the world ... far surpassing every other business. That's a lot of profit. But what most people don't know is, it doesn't really have to cost any money at all. We all know deep down inside, the energy from the sun, which power our solar system, is free. Imagine if we got taxed on the sun?

Imagine if 100 years in the future some large corporation buys the sun. They own it and they set a tax for its use. Every time you go outside you get taxed, every time you grow a plant you get taxed, etc... Ludicrous, huh? Well that is what is happening now with fossil fuels, they are like Paleozoic carbon credits that we are paying for now. Fossil fuel is like trapped sun that we buy and burn. Because humans are very clever and can find solutions for any problem presented to us, we have found multiple ways recently to harness clean energy at costs so low we can just call it free energy! Free energy would change the world so completely that in 10 years we wouldn't recognize it. Because we currently have the technology on earth to utilize energy so efficiently (i.e. robotics etc.), free energy would break the yoke of slavery humans have endured for millennia.

Above is part 1 of "The Tesla Conspiracy" Coast 2 Coast AM radio show, watch the entire 12 part playlist here. Below is the informative biography, "The Strange Life of Nikola Tesla." Also take a look at Wikipedia's Free Energy Suppression page.

The Strange Life of Nikola Tesla


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